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March 10, 2019

Story By: Lianna Mccurdy |

There may be debate around the true origin of the French dip, but there’s no debating this classic sandwich has found a home in Los Angeles. Though typically prepared using roast beef on a French roll sided by au jus — a light meat broth — the French dip has been recreated by chefs of all kinds. When visiting the City of Angels, French dip connoisseurs are sure to find some form of this decadent sandwich on the menus of LA’s American eateries.

1. Philippe The Original
1001 N. Alameda St.
(213) 628-3781

Philippe The Original’s French dip. Photo courtesy Philippe The Original

Phillipe The Original has served up this specialty sandwich for more than 110 years. Its fresh-baked French rolls are packed with meats such as roast beef, roast pork, or lamb, served with au jus, and complemented by deli favorites like homemade potato salad.

2. Cole’s French Dip
118 E. 6th St.
(213) 622-4090

Cole’s French Dip. Photo courtesy Olivia Frescura

Cole’s French Dip offers its original French dips stuffed with meaty options, such as braised pork, roast beef, turkey breast, pastrami or braised lamb. Keeping it simple, homemade au jus and Cole’s atomic pickles accompany each dip.

3. The Misfit
225 Santa Monica Blvd.
(310) 656-9800

The Misfit’s Prime Rib French Dip Nik Niks. Photo courtesy The Misfit

The Misfit’s Prime Rib French Dip Nik Niks are a novel take on the French dip. Served on King’s Hawaiian Rolls, these sliders are piled high with thinly shaven, paprika spiced prime rib and paired with Tamari-spiked au jus that packs umami flavor.

4. Meat on Ocean
1501 Ocean Ave.
(310) 773-3366

Meat on Ocean’s Beef Dip. Photo courtesy Alan de Herrera

Meat on Ocean’s specialty is, of course, meat! Meat on Ocean’s Beef Dip is prepared with prime steak and Gouda, and served with a ramekin of au jus for dipping. Also plated with a side of made-in-house fries, this combo hits the spot.

5. The Fat Dog
801 N. Fairfax Ave.
(323) 951-0030

The Fat Dog’s Braised Short-Rib French Dip. Photo courtesy The Fat Dog

The Fat Dog’s rich take on the French dip is a hit in Fairfax and North Hollywood. This restaurant’s Braised Short-Rib French Dip is built with Gruyere cheese and caramelized onions, and finished with a side of savory au jus.

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