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March 24, 2019

Story By: Caroline Wright | Photos by: Asian Mix

Barbecue Pork and Ginger Chicken on Rice ($9.95)

When Daniel Leung talks about the fine art of roasting pork, his voice fills with admiration for his chefs and their careful dedication to its preparation.

After all, the Chinese tradition of roasted meats, siu mei, is practically an art form. And if you’re a fan, the plate lunch with roasted meats at Leung’s Asian Mix might just be your new favorite. As plate lunches go, this could be one of the best in town.

Roasted Pork and Roast Duck ($9.95)

“The best part of the pig is the belly, so that’s all we use,” Leung says. “It’s prepared at least 24 hours ahead. First the pork is boiled in hot water till it’s mostly done, then holes are put in the skin so the fat can drain. This helps makes the skin crispy.”

Then, Leung’s chefs apply seasoning and a little baking soda, letting it rest for a couple of hours. “The soda makes the skin even crunchier. They clean it off, use a fan to dry it, and it’s roasted for an hour before it’s sold.”

From a case filled with siu mei delicacies — roasted pork, roast duck, barbecue pork, ginger chicken, and barbecue ribs — customers may choose two. Roasted Pork and Roast Duck on Rice and Barbecue Pork and Ginger Chicken on Rice, both $9.95, are popular combinations. “They’re garnished with vegetables like choy sum on the side, and the meat’s placed on top of the rice. We sell a lot!” Leung says.


When there’s no time for a leisurely lunch, check out the Asian Mix Plate, a buffet with eight delicious choices each day, like orange chicken, beef and broccoli, and pot roast chicken. Choose from sides like chow funn, fried rice, and steamed vegetables. Plates are priced perfectly at $6.25 for one side, one choice; $7.95 for one side, two choices; and $9.50 for one side, three choices. Available between 10:30 a.m. and 2 p.m.

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