‘Golden’ specials for the win

A La Carte

March 31, 2019

Story By: Caroline Wright | Photos by: Anthony Consillio

Peking Duck with Buns (half $18, whole $35)

If you’d like to try a pair of rustically delicious Chinese dishes, grab a friend and head for Golden Palace. Featured this week are two special a la carte entrees that manager Gary Lam describes as “homestyle with a twist.”

“It’s like soul food, reminiscent of what Mom used to cook, but you could never reproduce the taste and texture at home,” he explains.

Cooked over high heat in the restaurant’s kitchens, the vegetables are thoroughly cooked, but still crispy and fresh.

Bittermelon with Blackbean and Chicken ($6.95)

Golden Palace’s Ong Choy with Ham Har Pork ($7.95) is a lovely example. The ong choy is bright and perfect, nicely set off by tender pieces of pork.

“You need a bowl of rice to go with this!” says Lam. “We use jasmine rice, and with the ham har it just completes the package.”

Bittermelon with Blackbean and Chicken ($6.95), a special that’s featured only from time to time, includes chopped black beans stir-fried over high heat with sliced bitter melon.

“It’s cooked with marinated chicken that comes out soft and tender and juicy,” says Lam.

If your duo becomes a trio or even a foursome, add Peking Duck to your feast. At $18 for a half duck or $35 for the whole bird, Golden Palace’s version of this traditional treat is crispy and golden, marinated inside and out to seal in flavor. It’s served with fluffy, house-made steamed buns, green onions and hoisin. Order additional buns at $3.95 for six.

Golden Palace has a wonderful party room with a stage and sound system, and can host up to 450 guests.

“We offer it as a venue by itself, or you can book it with food,” Lam says. “Based on your budget and favorite dishes, we’ll create a custom menu just for you!”

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