Superb September Specials

Inside Feature

September 2, 2018

Story By: Kyle Galdeira | Photos by: Lawrence Tabudlo

Kokua Pac ($8.12 fast food counter, $9.35 restaurant)

Local diners have grown fond of the sensational deals served up by Zippy’s Restaurants, and guests will be thrilled to see — and taste — what the popular eatery has to offer in September.

Zippy’s recently has unveiled its new Kim Chee Fried Rice w/ Kalbi Sausage ($9.79 fast food counter, $11.25 restaurant), a hearty, filling option available now through the end of the month from 10:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. daily, while supplies last. The dish includes kim chee tossed in fried rice, which serves as the base upon which two eggs, three pieces of fried wun tun and slices of Zippy’s seasoned kalbi sausage are arranged and topped with a zesty Sriracha mayo.

Fried Chicken Plate ($10.40 fast food counter, $12.10 restaurant)

In support of PBS Hawaii, Zippy’s Restaurants is launching a two-month-long campaign to help raise funds for the foundation, which works to deliver positive, curriculum-rich keiki programming to households, and promotes learning and discovery around the state. Diners can help support this crucial cause by purchasing PBS Hawaii cutouts for $1 at all Zippy’s locations, donating to designated canisters and by purchasing flavorful Kokua Pacs.

The original Kokua Pac ($8.12 fast food counter, $9.35 restaurant) is back, and features an assortment of Zippy’s favorites — Portuguese sausage and Korean chicken accompanied by a teriyaki hot dog and a slice of Spam atop a bed of rice. A portion of the proceeds from each Kokua Pac sold through Oct. 31 will be donated to PBS Hawaii.

Kim Chee Fried Rice w/ Kalbi Sausage ($9.79 fast food counter, $11.25 restaurant)

At Zippy’s, September is dubbed “Fried Chicken Month” as the golden-fried crispy chicken is a go-to local favorite, especially over Labor Day weekend. Guests may enjoy a delicious Fried Chicken Plate ($10.40 fast food counter, $12.10 restaurant), or reach for a 21-piece barrel of chicken ($42.75, fast food counter only), a 15-piece barrel of chicken ($33.25, fast food counter only) or a nine-piece bucket of chicken ($21.55, fast food counter only).

As a reminder, when ordering large amounts of Zippy’s Fried Chicken, please call the nearest location at least one to two hours in advance.

Strawberry Coffee Cake Squares ($2.25 each), Strawberry Cream Cheese Napples ($2.35 each) and Strawberry Shortcake Loaded Donuts ($2.95 each)

Throughout the month, Zippy’s beverage cups will feature a design created by Pow! Wow! Hawaii founder Jasper Wong. Utilizing the theme of a “Zipmin Party,” these pink cups are available at all fast food locations while supplies last. Additionally, check out Zippy’s Kapolei and Kapahulu, as they will feature artwork created by Wong.

Desserts continue to draw rave reviews at Zippy’s, and diners can celebrate strawberry as the September flavor of the month at Napoleon’s Bakery locations. Indulge in Strawberry Cloud Cake ($10.95 for 6-inch cake), Strawberry Cream Cheese Napple ($2.35), Strawberry Shortcake Loaded Donut ($2.95) and Strawberry Coffee Cake Square ($2.25) — available daily while supplies last.

Strawberry Cloud Cake ($10.95)

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