Sushi spot keeps rolling out delicious eats

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September 30, 2018

Story By: Caroline Wright | Photos by: KOZO SUSHI

Dragon Donburi ($8.25)

When Kozo Sushi opened in Osaka in 1972, it was intended by its founders to fill a gap between humble Japanese okazuya and expensive sushi bars.

Almost 50 years later, Kozo Sushi Hawaii’s five Oahu locations continue to serve spectacular classic sushi, and plates and bowls that are both satisfying and inventive.

“We cater to consumers that love traditional sushi, and have also created fusion dishes for people that may be put off by traditional sushi,” explains Mika Yamamoto, president of Kozo Sushi Hawaii. “We take the tastes of local people into account and adjust our menu accordingly.”

Chicken Katsu Bento ($7.99)

Tempura Shoyu Ramen, sold only at Kozo’s Keeaumoku location, is a savory and filling bargain at only $5. The bowl is filled with a generous serving of noodles, onions, bamboo shoots and tonkotsu soy sauce-based soup, and it features a delightful shrimp tempura on top for added crunch.

Chicken Katsu Bento ($7.99), available at all five locations, is a perfect lunch. The box includes a nice green salad, two California maki, inari, and two pieces of shinko maki (daikon sushi) in addition to slices of chicken katsu drizzled with sauce over rice.

Tempura Shoyu Ramen ($5)

Dragon Donburi ($8.25) also begins with a bed of rice. The donburi is loaded with ahi, green onions and masago, crowned with shrimp tempura, and dressed with a spicy teriyaki-blend sauce. This tempting bowl is Yamamoto’s personal favorite. ” I like the Dragon Don since it has a good mix of sweet and spicy flavor with a crunchy texture,” she notes.

Favorites vary from store to store. Bentos are the most popular choice at Kozo’s Keeamoku location, reports Yamamoto, because there are many office workers in that area.

The Moiliili store sells plenty of party plates to older folks who buy them for their families.

“And the Pearlridge store sells lots of maki and handrolls to young people coming to buy a quick snack,” says Yamamoto.

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