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September 30, 2018

Story By: Don Robbins | Photos by: ANTHONY CONSILLIO

Fish Stuffed Mushroom, Topped with Truffle ($5.25 for three pieces)

If you seek the best food that Chinese cuisine has to offer in an elegant environment, you will be wise to head on over to Jade Dynasty Seafood Restaurant at Ala Moana Center.

The 8,000-square-foot restaurant, which Jade Dynasty owner Sylvia Ho established seven years ago, serves a multitude of delectable dim sum dishes, such as Snow Mountain Char Siu Buns and Honey Garlic Ribs.

Baked Taro Buns ($4.65 for three pieces)

One Jade Dynasty creation on the dim sum menu that Ho especially wants to highlight is the pleasingly purple-hued Baked Taro Buns ($4.65 for three pieces). These pillow-like buns offer the eater two different textures when bitten into — a combination of fluffy yet crispy dough that feels just right on the tongue. Meanwhile, waiting inside is the sweet taro filling.

Besides her passion for food, Ho also loves traveling, photography and talking to chefs around the world.

Oysters in 1/2 Shell in Chef’s BBQ Sauce ($14.95 for three pieces)

She explains that one of several brand-new off-the-menu dishes available at Jade Dynasty is Oysters in 1/2 Shell in Chef’s BBQ Sauce ($14.95 for three pieces). Ho notes that a friend of hers, who she met in London on her travels, recently visited Hawaii for a vacation and inspired some new ideas while talking with Jade Dynasty’s chef. Their exchange led to the creation of this oyster dish.

“When they get together their creative juice goes on,” shares Ho. “That’s what we do. New things for our customers to try.”

The oyster dish is a modified version of an item that can be found in London, she explains. Large plump oysters are pan-fried, then dipped in a special sauce and garnished with sesame seeds. These perfectly cooked tender oysters are wrapped in lettuce cups, which are placed inside decorative oyster shells. “You can just pick it up and eat it — it’s easy,” adds Ho.

Dynasty Style Drunken Clams ($17.95)

Another totally new dish is Dynasty Style Drunken Clams ($17.95). Ho explains that during a visit to Shanghai, she ate a similar dish that she enjoyed, so she decided to recreate it with some twists at Jade Dynasty. This dish consists of clams in a soup base using ingredients such as Shaoxing rice wine, rock sugar, goji berries, green onions and ginger. In particular, the flavor of the rock sugar delightfully brings out the natural sweetness of the clams. Although other restaurants’ versions of this dish usually serve it cold, Jade Dynasty decided to make it hot, explains general manager Gary Chan.

Another new dish that can be found at Jade Dynasty Seafood Restaurant is Fish Stuffed Mushroom, Topped with Truffle ($5.25 for three pieces).

The hefty dried mushrooms are soaked for nearly four hours to soften them. Once the mushrooms reach the perfect texture, they are stuffed with steamed minced fish, mixed with slivers of green onion and carrot for color, and topped by an amazing truffle paste to enhance the dish’s flavor.

If seafood is not your cup of tea, you can find many other items on the restaurant‘s menu, which offers a variety of soups, appetizers, noodles, vegetables and meat dishes.

General manager Chan explains the spacious, beautiful restaurant can seat 300 guests and accommodate large private parties. Additionally, Chan says Jade Dynasty offers large screen TVs and other audio-visual equipment, which can be used for guests’ slide shows or other presentations.

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