The Wait Finally Is Over For Sushi Lovers

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August 26, 2018

Story By: Don Robbins | Photos by: Kozo Sushi

Dragon Donburi ($8.25)

As the saying goes, “Patience is a virtue.”

Many residents have been clinging to the notion while waiting to get their sushi satisfaction in the Kahala area.

Kahala Mall Kozo Sushi reopened earlier this month in a new building after several months of construction, explains manager Miulene Pilanca.

“All of our old customers from Kahala came back to our reopened store, which we are happy about,” shares Pilanca.

Fried Chicken Donburi ($6.99)

Inside the revamped Kahala location, visitors can find more seating and bright new digital signage, making it easier for customers to choose their favorites. Besides Kahala, Kozo Sushi has four other convenient locations on Oahu, with stores in Moiliili, Pearl City, Pearlridge and on Keeaumoku Street.

The company is famed throughout the island for high quality takeout sushi at great prices that won’t hurt your wallet. The menu presents items such as hand rolls, hosomaki, makimono, donburi, nigiri, bento and ever-handy party platters for larger get-togethers.

One popular platter is the namesake Kahala Special, a whopping 46-piece party spread featuring California maki with masago, BLT (bacon, lettuce and tomato) maki, tempura maki, and a variety of nigiri including ahi, ebi, ikura, egg, unagi and ika. This offering got Kahala customers so excited by its mouthwatering flavors when the store first opened, that it quickly became available at other Kozo Sushi locations too.

When Kozo Sushi first started out in Osaka, Japan back in 1972, it perfectly filled a gap in the market between an okazuya (deli-style restaurant with pre-prepared food) and an expensive sit-down sushi bar. The company utilizes the finest ingredients available and also cooks its rice with special Kozo Sushi vinegar. Additionally, the restaurant chefs always are creating new items to excite palates.

So, whether you are on the hunt for a tasty dinner or lunch, or planning a festive party and want to leave the cooking to someone else, look no further than Kozo Sushi.


Dragon Donburi ($8.25) includes a mouthwatering medley of ahi, green onions, masago and crisp shrimp tempura, all drizzled with a spicy sauce and teriyaki sauce.

Another great choice on the menu is Fried Chicken Donburi ($6.99), which includes Japanese fried karaage chicken covered with green onions and teriyaki sauce.

The basis for all donburi, which literally means “rice bowl” in Japanese, begins with an awesome bed of rice.

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