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August 19, 2018

Story By: Don Robbins | Photos by: Randy Dela Cruz

Scallops with Asparagus ($19.95)

Known for its small bite-sized dim sum delights, Yum Cha Hawaii sits in an elegant location on Kapiolani Boulevard in the Uraku Tower, right next to Ala Moana Center. An oasis of Chinese cuisine, away from busy Chinatown, diners can indulge in popular dim sum items and more.

A few of the many dim sum items customers can enjoy are Shrimp Dumpling, Juicy Pork Dumpling and cute Piggy Buns, which are decorated with little oink-tastic eyes, ears and pig snouts.

Orange Peel Beef ($16.95)

The restaurant serves dim sum all day long with nearly 60 items offered for lunch and about 25 available thereafter.

Yum Cha, which literally translates to “drink tea” in Chinese, opened in January of this year and constantly updates its menu to keep customers excited by new food choices inspired by regions throughout China. Yum Cha Hawaii’s menu items range from meat dishes to soups, noodles, seafood, vegetable dishes and more.

Besides tasty food, Yum Cha offers a great dining space, which can seat about 150 guests. The restaurant features beautiful decor and large room-length windows.

Yum Cha also features live entertainment on Friday and Saturday nights.

Additionally, customers can find an abundance of free parking underneath Uraku Tower.


Although justifiably famed for its delicious dim sum quick bites, Yum Cha Hawaii offers a full range of menu items, including larger sized entrees.

One new dish at the restaurant is Orange Peel Beef ($16.95), which includes high quality, succulent tender beef fried in a very light batter, and then stir-fried briefly in an orange sauce. This sweet dish presents a tasty flavor with a kick to it that doesn’t feel heavy at all.

Another new item available is Scallops with Asparagus ($19.95). This seafood dish features perfectly cooked scallops stir-fried in a light sauce with asparagus and peppers.

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