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August 26, 2018

Story By: Caroline Wright | Photos by: ANTHONY CONSILLIO

Four-piece assortment of moon cakes (price varies depending on selection)

As the Autumn Festival approaches, The Mandalay will once again offer a delicious cornucopia of specialties in observation. Also known as the Moon Festival, this traditional Chinese event is a celebration of harvest, family and thanksgiving.

“The Autumn Festival happens when the moon is brightest,” explains manager Wilfred Leung. “It’s all about family and food. People sit around the table with moon cakes and other dishes. They sing together, have some wine, and enjoy the moon.”

Shanghai Dumplings ($4.95 for three pieces)

For starters, The Mandalay’s delectable Shanghai Dumplings ($4.95 for three pieces) consist of three fat little pillows stuffed with minced pork, shrimp and soup. And a perennial favorite, Honey Walnut Shrimp Basket ($21.95), is a deep-fried nest of shredded potatoes loaded with enough succulent shrimp to feed three to four hungry “harvesters.”

Honey Walnut Shrimp Basket ($21.95)

“The next dish has so many ingredients that I gave it the nickname ‘Rich and Generous,'” laughs Leung. “First we deep-fry a pork roast, steam it, then embed it with duck egg and sauces. It’s a complicated procedure, but it’s really delicious.” At $18.95, the dish, served with tender baby bok choy, is an intriguing, tasty conversation piece.

Rich and Generous ($18.95)

To herald the harvest, eight moon cake varieties are available — Lotus Double-Yolk ($36) or Single-Yolk ($32), Black Bean Single-Yolk ($28) or No-Yolk ($26), Assorted Nuts Single Yolk ($36) or No-Yolk ($32), Walnut Single-Yolk ($30), and Taro Single-Yolk ($30). Four cakes come with each order, and they’re easily cut into quarters for sharing.

“The yolks make them richer, but some people avoid cholesterol, so we provide yolkless moon cakes,” explains Leung.

One last tip — remember The Mandalay when you’re planning events for your family, office or club. With accommodations for up to 330 guests and an extensive catering menu, this restaurant can handle practically any milestone celebration or gathering, from baby luaus to graduations, birthdays, weddings and retirement parties.

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