Filling your bowl with slurp-worthy ramen

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May 27, 2018

Story By: Stephanie Kim | Photos by: LAWRENCE TABUDLO

Tonkotsu Kazan Ramen’s Beef Sukiyaki Kazan ($25.80)

Take a culinary trip to Japan without leaving the Islands at Waikiki Yokocho. The “gourmet alley” is home to a collection of authentic Japanese restaurants and eateries, which also happen to have locations in Japan.

An array of restaurants line up within the food hall, allowing patrons to walk around and explore all the unique, various flavors that abound. Take a stroll through “Ramen Road,” where guests are welcomed to heaping bowls of wonderfully delicious, savory broths.

Tsujita’s Char Siu Tsukemen ($18.48 regular)

Start with Tsujita’s Char Siu Tsukemen ($18.48 regular), in which you dip noodles into a rich, thick concentrated broth bursting with flavors. Known for its tsukemen-style ramen, Tsujita has grown to have locations not only in Tokyo and here, but also in Los Angeles, New Jersey and Texas.

Head on over to Tonkotsu Kazan Ramen to feast on its Osaka-style ramen like the Beef Sukiyaki Kazan ramen ($25.80). The meal is given a “Volcano” twist, as the covered stone pot ramen reveals a steamy eruption once opened.

Ramen BARIO’s Special Ramen ($19.98 regular)

Make your way to Baikohken, famously known for its traditional Shoyu Ramen ($12.99). Here, you may add various toppings, such as butter or corn, to enhance the signature shoyu broth. Or, change up your flavors by opting for the miso or shio broth.

End your adventures at Ramen BARIO for its Special Ramen ($19.98 regular) where the motto is “Bigger is better.” You may customize your meal to your liking by adding the restaurant’s special chili flakes or fresh crushed garlic.

Baikohken’s Shoyu Ramen ($12.99)

Waikiki Yokocho received an Emmy Nomination for its Ramen Yokocho special, which focused on these four specialty ramen restaurants and aired on OC16 and select Hawaiian Airlines flights. Those involved in the Emmy-nominated project include local entrepreneur Lanai Tabura as producer, writer and host; Redefined Media co-owner Andrew Tran as producer, director and editor; Frank Clark as executive producer; Yunji de Nies as writer; and Oahu Media Group as the project’s marketing and advertising arm. To learn more about the Emmy Nomination and watch the Ramen Yokocho, please click here.

Kamaaina discounts are available at most Waikiki Yokocho restaurants; just inquire before you enter/pay.

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