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A La Carte

April 15, 2018

Story By: Stephanie Kim | Photos by: Lawrence Tabudlo

Teishoku Ichi ($19.50) with Hamburger Steak Demi Sauce and Mushroom Chicken

Diners were excited to hear that Yajima-ya Japanese and Local Cuisine opened its first brick-and-mortar establishment more than a year ago. The beloved food truck started roughly five years prior to landing its newest location on South King Street. Since opening, Yajima-ya has offered an expansive lunch and dinner menu, featuring new additions as well as some of its best-selling dishes, such as Mushroom Chicken.

For lunch, customers can enjoy this delectable entree of pan-fried chicken covered in the eatery’s signature creamy gravy as an a la carte item, along with teishoku (Japanese set meal) offerings of rice, miso soup, kobachi and pickles. But for dinner, one may scoop up more finds with the eatery’s teishoku mix-and-match selection.

Teishoku San ($30) with Assorted Sashimi and Garlic Ahi

With Teishoku Ichi ($19.50), patrons may choose two choices from Selection A, with items such as Mushroom Chicken and Hamburger Steak Demi Sauce, while Teishoku San ($30) allows diners two choices from Selection B, like Assorted Sashimi and Garlic Ahi.

What’s more, customers can slurp up Yajima-ya’s soup of the day. When Dining Out stopped by it was a savory egg drop soup. There also is miso soup available at the soup station that’s served daily.

Deep-Fried Tofu ($5.75)

Have your pick of the eatery’s plethora of diverse flavors found on the menu, ranging from local cuisine and Japanese-influenced dishes to traditional Japanese fare and more.


Make Yajima-ya Japanese and Local Cuisine your stop to fuel up on delicious menu items bursting with an array of flavors. On the dinner menu, customize your own teishoku with picks from Selection A and/or B. There’s Hamburger Steak Demi Sauce (Selection A) with a Japanese-style hamburger, soft boiled egg and veggies swimming in gravy; and Assorted Sashimi (Selection B) with slices of fresh ahi, hamachi, salmon and ika. As a side dish, enjoy Deep-Fried Tofu ($5.75), a classic Japanese dish of fried tofu in tempura sauce, topped with ginger, green onions and bonita flakes.

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