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March 18, 2018

Story By: Kyle Galdeira | Photos by: ANTHONY CONSILLIO

Corned Beef Hash “Eggs Benedict” ($9.25)

While Shiro’s Saimin Haven has served as a dining icon for multiple generations of patrons since dishing out its first bowl of piping-hot saimin in 1969, the restaurant continues to please its legion of loyal customers with the addition of tasty new breakfast items.

As a special inside scoop for Dining Out readers, four new breakfast selections are being unveiled this weekend during breakfast service from 7 a.m. to noon at Shiro’s Waimalu location. (The items are not available at the Ewa Beach location, but stay tuned!)

Fresh Fruit Hotcakes ($8.95)

Shiro’s general manager and catering manager Bryce Fujimoto explains that the new breakfast offerings incorporate favorite flavor profiles and recommendations from both customers and staff members.

“We’re coming up with new items and specials to broaden the selections available — we have a lot of regular breakfast customers, and they want to try some new things,” says Fujimoto, the grandson of Franz Shiro Matsuo, the restaurant’s late founder, known affectionately as “Mistah Saimin.” “We hope customers will like the special items, and we’ll continue to provide more variety.”

Bacon Breakfast Sandwich ($6.95)

Corned Beef Hash “Eggs Benedict” ($9.25) is Shiro’s new take on the popular breakfast classic. English muffins are topped with a delicious corned beef patty and an egg prepared any style, and it’s all smothered in homemade gravy and comes with a side of new-and-improved crispy hash browns.

“We put a local spin on this classic breakfast, and this ‘open-faced sandwich’ favorite is enhanced by our corned beef patty and gravy, which are both made fresh at the restaurant,” Fujimoto says.

Fujimoto and his team also have unveiled the Bacon Breakfast Sandwich ($6.95), featuring an English muffin enveloping bacon and an egg prepared any style, and accompanied by the new crispy hash browns.

Ham Breakfast Sandwich ($6.95)

These new breakfast items represent the first time Shiro’s has incorporated English muffins into a sandwich. Similarly, Ham Breakfast Sandwich ($6.95) presents the same construction as its bacon brother, but with traditional ham as well. The sandwich is kept simple so the rich flavors come through in each bite.

“I like to enjoy the new sandwiches with the egg cooked over-easy or sunny-side-up; it’s very hearty, so you can even eat it with fork and knife,” Fujimoto explains.

Fresh Fruit Hotcakes ($8.95) round out the new start-of-the-day selections with fresh fruits like bananas, blueberries and strawberries placed on top of a stack of three pancakes. There’s also a heaping portion of whipped cream, of course.

Shiro’s also features a diverse catering menu that is perfectly suited for any get-together, including family celebrations, business functions and graduation parties. The choices are customizable depending on each event, and bento selections also are available.

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