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February 18, 2018

Story By: Phoebe Neel | Photos by: GENKI SUSHI

Crunchy Roll ($3.35)

Most of us know Genki Sushi as part of the conveyor belt sushi phenomenon that spread like wildfire across Japan and now throughout Hawaii. With more than a dozen restaurants statewide, it has gained quite a following for offering fast, easy sushi at bargain prices.

New dishes are popping up for 2018 in all the Genki Sushi stores, and as you’ll see here, there also are special surprises at select locations along the way.

Natto Maki Roll ($1.90 each)

This year, Genki Sushi has expanded its menu to include Natto Maki Roll ($1.90 each) and Crunchy Roll ($3.35), the latter of which combines crab, avocado and fried shrimp in a roll adorned with tempura crisps and unagi sauce. However, Genki Sushi doesn’t just offer sushi; hearty, winter-friendly fare also is being introduced, including Beef Udon ($4.35) featuring beef sukiyaki atop udon noodles and soup. These are some of the half-dozen new items rolling out across all Genki Sushi restaurants.

While the Genki Sushi menu is filled with familiar favorites, true devotees know there’s a “secret menu” only available at certain stores.

Beef Udon ($4.35)

“Every store has their own specials,” notes David Moon, purchasing director for Genki Sushi. “The Pearl-ridge store, for example, has their specials that you can only get at that location. That way, customers have the opportunity to see something different.

“Pearlridge has a caterpillar roll and chawanmushi (Japanese savory egg custard), which you can’t get at the Ala Moana location. In town, the Ward location has their Korean roll,” he adds.

There’s always the Genki Sushi experience, but “each store has their own special feel,” says Moon. That leaves patrons even more inspired to sample the variety of stores and sushi around the island.

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