On-the-go bentos make mealtime a cinch

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February 11, 2018

Story By: Stephanie Kim | Photos by: AJA

Various AjaPac ($12.99 each)

At a convenient location with local comfort food that comes at a reasonable price, Aja makes the perfect stop for any meal of the day, including the ones on the go.

The restaurant, located in Ala Moana Center Makai Market Food Court, serves up a plethora of dishes that’ll hit close to home. Family recipes from the owner and employees make up the menu, according to general manager Lauren Yoo, creating meals that are rich in tradition and history. This echoes the meaning behind Aja’s name, which derives from a town in Azabu-Juban, Japan, best known for a long history of family restaurants, Yoo shares.

Two-choice plate with shoyu chicken and salmon ($13.69)

What’s more, “The best part about Aja is (that) you can customize your plate lunch/bento according to your preference,” she says.

Among the options to choose from are shoyu chicken, pork adobo, roast beef, nishime and so much more. To properly explore the abundance of items on the eatery’s menu, go with an AjaPac ($12.99), which features items such as saba, meat jun and the ever-popular Garlic Chicken — to name a few — atop a bed of rice with a side of vegetables.

Korean Sushi ($5.69)

“Our garlic chicken is very crispy on the outside, and (the) meat is very moist,” Yoo says. Customers even have the option to enjoy Garlic Chicken in small ($4.99), large ($8.79), family ($15.99) and catering ($45.99) sizes.

Combine different entrees with a customizable, two-choice plate ($13.69) that lets you pick two main entrees, such as shoyu chicken and salmon, with three sides and rice.

Garlic Chicken (Prices vary by size)

Or, if you’re on the go, snag Korean Sushi ($5.69) and be on your way with the flavor-packed takeout item that features choy sum, daikon, egg, carrots and beef, all rolled up in rice and nori. “It’s convenient and tasty,” Yoo says.

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