Step up to the Plate: Tonkatsu

Step Up to the Plate

October 3, 2017

Story By: Lynsey Beth Futa |


There are a handful of things that Hawaii does really well in the realm of food. But the item that seems to stand out, and what locals often crave after being away from the Islands, has got to be the crispy, satisfying crunch of katsu — specifically chicken katsu and tonkatsu, or fried pork cutlet.

Find yourself at Kamehameha Shopping Center’s Teishoku Restaurant for the best bite of both, each offered in teishoku and combination meals.

The eatery’s name suggests that it specializes in teishoku, or complete Japanese meal sets, and you’d be right to assume that. But aside from teishoku, the establishment also offers other Japanese specialties, including the “best misoyaki butterfish in Honolulu,” the eatery claims, as well as donburi (rice bowls). Dig into fresh Spicy Ahi Don or Ahi Poke Limu Don, and try anything from Teishoku’s list of sushi, which includes nigiri, sashimi and roll options.

Also be on the lookout for upcoming lunch specials, which will feature discounted pupu items and takeout sushi rolls.

This little piggy

A thick 8-ounce cut of tenderized pork loin is used for the “super juicy and tender on the inside” Tonkatsu, according to vice president Jason Zhang.

Golden nuggets

The meat is dredged in flour, dipped into a beaten egg mixture and coated with Japanese panko, or bread crumbs, before being fried to a golden crisp.


Try Tonkatsu as a complete meal set, which is served with salad, featured appetizers, rice (sushi, white or brown) and miso soup.

Double dipping

The tangy sauce, topped with toasted sesame seeds, includes secret ingredients, according to Zhang, but adds a nice zing to each bite of crunchy Tonkatsu.

Combination Meal

You can order Tonkatsu and another entree with a salad, featured appetizers, rice ( sushi, white or brown) and miso soup.

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