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October 15, 2017

Story By: Kelli Shiroma | Photos by: Anthony Consillio

Grand Opening Special Shabu Shabu Dinner Set ($19.95)

As the weather cools down, satisfy your hot-pot cravings at Umami-ya Shabu Shabu, the ultimate hot spot for shabu shabu, sukiyaki and nabe. The restaurant is known for serving 70 percent Japanese-style cuisine, as well as 20 percent Korean flavors and 10 percent locally inspired flavors.

For sukiyaki or shabu shabu, customers can choose from four different broths — house, miso, spicy miso or paitan — and select their meats, ranging from U.S. Choice ribeye to Kurobuta pork belly. Then, according to director of marketing Angela Choi, customers can cook the meats to their liking on a tabletop burner. Meal sets include a delicious vegetable platter, udon or zosui (a Japanese rice porridge with raw egg), and ponzu and goma sauces.

Choi recommends the zosui as the perfect umami (savory taste) finish to any meal.

She says the rice porridge is created using the leftover hot pot broth, and the green onions and nori add extra flavor.


October is the last month diners can take advantage of Umami-ya Shabu Shabu’s Grand Opening Special Shabu Shabu Dinner Set ($19.95). Choose from Kurobuta pork belly, boneless short rib and U.S.D.A Choice ribeye. Angela Choi, director of marketing, recommends opting for Umami-ya’s signature house broth. Craving nabe? Order Niku Gyoza Kimchi Nabe ($22), which features plump gyoza and sauteed kimchi. The ingredients — including a dozen different vegetables — come ready-made, and Choi says diners can indulge with ponzu and goma sauces.

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