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September 24, 2017

Story By: Caroline Wright | Photos by: Genki Sushi

Kanpyo Maki ($1.90 on Oahu, $1.95 outer islands)

The concept of kaiten sushi — literally translated as, “revolving” sushi — originated more than 50 years ago from the mind of Fumio Saito, a young Japanese sushi chef.

With the arrival of Genki Sushi in 1993, Saito’s conveyor-belt delivery system took Hawaii by storm. Islanders were delighted with the idea, which combined modern technology with delicious tradition.

Fast-forward to today, Mr. Saito would likely be charmed by Genki Sushi’s 21st century update. “It’s an express system like a train,” says David Moon, purchasing director for the company. “You have to go see it!”

Chicken Katsu ($4.35 on Oahu, $4.50 outer islands)

The Bullet Express, named for Japan’s iconic high-speed trains, is Genki Sushi’s new interactive sushi delivery system. Guests place orders for handcrafted nigiri, gunkan and hand-rolled sushi on iPad touchscreen menus. In the kitchen, sushi chefs prepare each plate to order, and within minutes, trains, surfboards, space shuttles and Formula One race cars deliver plates to each table.

Genki Sushi has nine locations on Oahu, two on Maui, one on Kauai and one in Kona on the Big Island, with a new Hilo location scheduled to open next month. New stores feature the Bullet Express system. As the company gradually updates its older stores, kaiten conveyor belts will be phased out and replaced with the rail systems, says Moon.

Beef Bowl ($4.35 on Oahu, $4.50 outer islands)

This month, Genki Sushi adds three new items to its menu. The first is local favorite Chicken Katsu ($4.35 on Oahu, $4.50 outer islands), which includes tender chicken strips breaded with panko, fresh and hot from the fryer. Next is Beef Bowl ($4.35 on Oahu, $4.50 outer islands), a savory serving of beef sukiyaki over rice.

Also new this month, and a simply terrific finale for a sushi feast: Kanpyo Maki ($1.90 on Oahu, $1.95 outer islands). Made with marinated shaved calabash gourd, this traditional Edomae zushi-style maki is often served near the end of a meal as a palate cleanser.

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