Dive into donburi at Japan-inspired cafe

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September 17, 2017

Story By: Stephanie Kim | Photos by: Sakura Terrace Japanese Cafe

Jumbo Shrimp Tempura Don ($20)

Be whisked away to the world-famous Tsukiji Market in Japan through the cuisine and tranquil setting of Sakura Terrace Japanese Cafe.

The restaurant is conveniently located on South King Street and has indoor and outdoor seating available. Since opening in November 2011, Sakura Terrace has continued to offer dishes inspired by Japan and Hawaii to customers.

Inside of Sakura Terrace Japanese Cafe. L. TABUDLO PHOTO

The restaurant welcomes patrons to a delightful spread of fresh seafood and sushi items, delicious sashimi bowls, bentos and tempura, as well as specialty cocktails, sake, wines and draft beer.

Sakura Terrace is open for both lunch and dinner, offering two separate menus full of flavorful entrees.

Enjoy some udon noodles, like the Tiger Prawn Tempura Udon or Vegetable Tempura Udon, that’s only offered at lunchtime. For dinner, dine on appealing appetizers, such as chicken karaage or mac nut tofu, refreshing salads, like sashimi salad or salmon skin salad, sushi or sashimi, teishoku, and of course, donburi, which translates to “bowl” or “rice bowl dish” in Japanese.

Sakura Chirashi Don ($22)

Find a variety of donburi on both menus — all filled with goodies, from tempura to slices of sashimi and more. Each donburi is served with miso soup, pickles, a small side dish and a mini salad.

Try Sakura Chirashi Don ($22), which has cuts of high-quality sashimi along with shrimp, squid, uni and ikura, that’s perfect for the seafood lover at your table.

A popular choice among local customers is Jumbo Shrimp Tempura Don ($20) that has succulent jumbo shrimps covered in a light, crispy tempura batter, served on a bed of Japan-imported rice and alongside homemade tempura sauce.

Plus, for any special occasion in your life, the restaurant offers customizable menus that’ll meet your needs and budget.

Honolulu, HI 96814

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