It’s the specials that make Genki special

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June 25, 2017

Story By: Kelli Shiroma | Photos by: ANTHONY CONSILLIO

Spicy Tuna and Ahi Poke Bowl ($5.15, Ward special)

Every Genki Sushi experience is bound to be different — depending on which locale you’re at. While every location features a consistent main menu, each offers specials that are unique to that particular restaurant.

According to David Moon, director of purchasing and operations for Genki Sushi USA, offering specials is a great way to let patrons taste something new, regardless of the location they’re at.

Korean Bowl ($4.15, Ward special)

The specials at Ward Center’s Genki Sushi, for instance, include the Korean Bowl ($4.15) and Surf Roll ($5.15).

“The Korean Bowl has kimchee, kalbi and tamago over rice,” Moon explains. “The Surf Roll looks like a poke roll — it’s an ebi fry roll with ahi poke on top. These specials are always available here at the Ward restaurant.”

Ultimate Trio A ($5.15 on Oahu)

Other Ward specials include, Salmon Karaage ($2.55) and Strawberry Cheesecake ($5.15) for dessert.

While all the specials are a hit among customers, Moon says Ultimate Trio A ($5.15) and Spicy Tuna and Ahi Poke Bowl ($5.15) from Genki’s main menu are still two of the most popular choices all around.

“These items are available at all stores,” Moon confirms. “The Ultimate Trio A features three fish — salmon, hamachi and ahi — that are seared and topped with three sauces.

Surf Roll ($5.15, Ward special)

“The Spicy Tuna and Ahi Poke Bowl is our most popular combo bowl,” he adds.

Something to note: The Ultimate Trio A may cost a little more on the neighboring islands.

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