Mixing Up The Classics

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August 14, 2016

Story By: Caitlin Basilio | Photos by: MAC 24/7

Kimchee Fried Rice ($4 side dish)

Kimchee Fried Rice ($4 side dish)

Vibrant and bold are perfect words to describe MAC 24/7 Bar & Restaurant. Everything from its food and interior design to its staff are bright, colorful and will leave you wanting more. As an added plus, every meal comes in a huge serving.

Executive chef James Aptakin takes pride in keeping things fresh at the Waikiki eatery. Scheduled to debut in about six weeks is a new menu that Aptakin and his team are currently working on. “Think MAC 24/7 on steroids,” Aptakin describes with excitement.

With plans to make typical dishes such as beef stew and meatloaf “cool,” the chef and his team are thinking outside the box. He ensures guests that the new menu will be, “simple, elegant and crazy.”


MAC 24/7 recently updated its Kimchee Fried Rice. Offered as a side dish ($4) or as a part of the restaurant’s famous M.A.C. Aloha ($26) entree, this fried rice is unique because it features smoked and grilled huli huli chicken, Portuguese sausage for some Hawaiian flare, bacon fat and, of course, kimchee. Aptakin also divulges his secret: He adds a little hondashi and oyster sauce to give it a little more pop.

Mac 24/7 Bar & Restaurant

Hilton Waikiki Beach,
2500 Kuhio Ave., Waikiki
Open 24 hours daily

Honolulu, HI 96815

Ilima Awards
Hawaii's Best