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July 10, 2016

Story By: Kelli Shiroma | Photos by: ANTHONY CONSILLIO

Pot Roast Chicken ($9.95, half)

Pot Roast Chicken ($9.95, half)

When it comes to a variety of poultry and meat dishes, you’re sure to get your fix at Asian Mix.

The eatery — boasting plate lunches with Chinese, Japanese and local flavors — is known for its mixed plates and extensive selection of meat-filled options.

According to owner and manager Daniel Leung, Pot Roast Chicken ($9.95, half) is one of Asian Mix’s best sellers. Every so often, this dish goes on sale for $6.95.

“Our most popular items are on sale on a rotating basis,” Leung confirms. “The Pot Roast Chicken is on sale about every two months.”

Lamb with Fresh Leek ($10.95)

Lamb with Fresh Leek ($10.95)

According to Leung, the way the chicken is prepared can be broken down into a three-step process: taste, preparing the skin and adding the oyster sauce.

“The chicken is first soaked in a soup so all the taste seeps in,” he explains. “(The cooks) then take it out to dry. A liquid — with a vinegar and honey base — is then applied on the chicken skin. We don’t deep fry it until the order comes in, so the chicken is guaranteed to be juicy and fresh.

“When the skin becomes brown and crispy, it’s chopped and a special oyster sauce is added,” Leung continues. “The sauce includes cooking wine, oyster sauce, soy sauce and sugar. Mushrooms are mixed in, the sauce goes over the chicken and the entree is garnished with broccoli on the side.”

Another unique customer favorite that caters to carnivores is Lamb with Fresh Leek ($10.95).

“Our lamb comes from a good brand from New Zealand,” Leung says. “The lamb isn’t a lamb chop — it’s thinly sliced by a machine, and it’s stir fried with fresh leeks and bell peppers with a mild spiciness to it. People enjoy it because it’s something they can’t get just anywhere.”

Asian Mix

1234 S. Beretania St., Shop A-1 Honolulu
Daily, 10:30 a.m.-8:30 p.m.

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