Premium EVOO Harvested At the Peak of Freshness

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January 25, 2015

Story By: Andy Beth Miller | Photos by: Nathalie Walker

With its motto promoting a product line that is “A taste of paradise! A picture of health!,” it’s no surprise that trend-savvy shoppers have been flocking to Island Olive Oil Company, testing out its treasure trove of specialty products to see if this company truly is as heaven sent as it seems.

And the unanimous verdict? We’d say that if the company’s current success can be seen as a symbol, then Island Olive Oil Company is indeed a dealer of the divine. When asked what has contributed most to Island Olive Oil Company’s increasing popularity, owner Dana Bergeman replies without hesitation, “Island Olive Oil offers the widest selection of pure extra virgin olive oils and authentic balsamic vinegars available anywhere in Hawaii. You won’t find the selection or the quality anywhere else.”

For thousands of years now, people have been well aware of the amazing benefits of olive oil.

Yet according to Bergeman, most consumers heading to the majority of retail stores in order to buy olive oil are unknowingly purchasing products that won’t even pass the most basic purity standards established by the olive oil industry.

“Unlike wine, olive oil does not age well. In fact, to get the best flavors and the maximum nutritional value, you have to consume fresh oil,” Bergeman explains. “The stuff that’s been sitting around on supermarket shelves or in your kitchen cabinets most likely has lost most of its nutritional benefit.”

Bergeman further suggests, “When looking for an oil, try to find out when and where it was harvested. We bottle fresh oil daily in the store from fustis, which are stainless steel tanks specifically designed for storing olive oils and vinegars. At Island Olive Oil, we only sell the finest and freshest extra virgin olive oils, and you can taste any oil in the store to see what flavors you like. All of our olive oil fustis are labeled with the harvest date and information on where the olives are from.”

And with uniquely inspired, flavor-infused olive oil offerings, customers can unleash their adventurous sides, choosing among Island Olive Oil Company’s wide array of selections ranging from Garlic to Chipotle, and Blood Orange to Bergamot (and that’s just the beginning). The company also houses a vast array of balsamic vinegars, sauces, jams, salts, seasoning rubs and spices, and even kitchenware and gifts. And if that doesn’t tempt you, try the specialty truffle, walnut or sesame oils — sure to inspire the culinary god or goddess within.

The company offers customers the rare opportunity to sample each of its olive oils onsite, so you truly can taste and see the difference that Island Olive Oil Company literally brings to the table. And for those seeking a thoughtful housewarming gift, Island Olive Oil Company has you covered with a wealth of unique gifts and specialty products that its friendly staff will beautifully wrap in lovely baskets.

And once you’ve purchased among these primo products, Bergeman enthusiastically insists that, “There are no right or wrong ways (to use them), and you’d be amazed at the things you can do with our oils and vinegars. Try them in salads, for stir fries, as marinades and more. You should even try some of them on ice cream!”

Island Olive Oil Company

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Honolulu, HI 96814

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