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July 13, 2014

Story By: Christina O Connor | Photos by: Lawrence Tabudlo

Jade Dynasty Seafood Restaurant keeps up with the times, making sure to never bore its customers, as the eatery consistently presents the palate with something new. In fact, each month, the restaurant introduces a new set of specials.

The fine-dining Chinese restaurant is inspired by Hong Kong’s metropolis and innovative cuisine. Jade Dynasty’s chefs even make a culinary pilgrimage to the city to learn from the best.

The most recent culinary journey was in May, and it’s obvious that the chefs have picked up on something good.

Enter Honey BBQ Pork Ribs ($14.95) and Chicken and Pomelo Salad ($17.95), which consists of tender, hand-shredded chicken, roasted pine nuts, cilantro and pomelo — a citrus fruit that hails from Southeast Asia. This is not your typical chicken salad.

“It’s our twist on a standard chicken salad,” says general manager Gary Chan. “Pomelo is popular in Hawaii, and it is very refreshing. A lot of people have been ordering this for their parties.”

Chan also recommends Deep Fried Oysters in Lettuce Cup, Sprinkled with Roasted Garlic ($13.25) as an ideal summer appetizer. “The lettuce cup gives it a nice crunch,” he says.

Next, patrons are invited to witness Jade Dynasty’s culinary craftsmanship in Pan-fried Sesame Pancake ($4.50; only available for lunch until 5 p.m.), with pork and preserved veggies.

“Initially, this was a dumpling,” Chan explains of the dish. “But then, once the dumpling was steamed, we sprinkled sesame seeds on top and pan-fried it.”

Egg Fu Yung with Fresh Scallop and Bamboo Fungus ($15.95) is a special requested by the restaurant’s co-owner Sylvia Ho, who wanted a light dinner to bring home after a day at work. And with Ho’s favorite things in mind, the chef came up with this winning combination.

“I love eggs and I like any type of mushroom,” she says, adding that Egg Fu Yung is great for takeout.

If you’re pressed for time or simply want to enjoy your meal from home, just call ahead and your order soon will be available for pick up.

As always, Jade Dynasty has even more new items in the works. The specifics can’t be revealed just yet, but let’s just say that oxtail lovers will be pleased.

On the Side

Collectively, the chefs at Jade Dynasty are familiar with cooking styles from all regions of China. Head chef Kwok Wah Chan has been cooking since he was 13, and honed his skills while training under a famous chef in Hong Kong.

Drawing on that breadth of experience, the restaurant’s cuisine is grounded in traditional techniques, but from there, the chefs like to put their own spin on the entrees, which makes Jade Dynasty the perfect place for the adventurous diner.

“We like to update our food and give it a little bit of excitement,” Jade Dynasty’s general manager Gary Chan explains.

“I want people to remember us. I don’t want people to have the same things here that they find in every restaurant.”

Jade Dynasty Seafood Restaurant

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