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May 4, 2014

Story By: Kyle Galdeira | Photos by: Nathalie Walker

As spring segues to summer, the onset of longer days and warmer temperatures also signifies the arrival of multiple memorable occasions that local residents look forward to celebrating along with family and friends.

Napoleon’s Bakery continues to serve as Hawaii’s go-to destination for decadent desserts and sweet treats crafted with quality and consistency. After more than three decades of serving the Islands, local diners have relied on Napoleon’s Bakery for an array of tasty creations including iconic Napples, multiple Hot and Fresh selections and even custom designed cakes crafted for virtually any occasion.

“Our cakes are made from scratch, as are the icings for our Dobash and Chantilly,” says Jan Tsukazaki, general manager of Napoleon’s Bakery. “It may be a bit more costly than what you’ll find at the big box stores or supermarkets, but we rely on recipes we’ve been using for more than 30 years (including Haupia). Our customers recognize the quality we provide, and they know that what they order is going to be really good.”

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and Napoleon’s Bakery is poised to help celebrate moms in a way that is sure to appease all members of the family: with cake. Diners may choose from multiple adorned eight-inch round cake options including Decorated Mother’s Day Dobash Cake ($16.75) and Decorated Peach Bavarian Cake ($16.75). The specialty cakes are available for pre-order, as well as at all Zippy’s locations on Mother’s Day for those who procrastinated a bit too long.

“We’ve got to take care of our mothers, and sometimes customers don’t think about (Mother’s Day) early enough, so we create some already decorated as a service — all the stores will have some on hand,” says Tsukazaki, who first managed Zippy’s bakery division in 1983.

Napoleon’s Bakery also offers custom decorated cakes for various special occasions, such as family parties and gettogethers in accordance with the rapidly-approaching graduation season. Sheet cakes are available with plain configurations that includes a choice of border and wording in quarter-sheet (24 pieces, $22.50 and up), half-sheet (48 pieces, $39.50 and up) and full-sheet (96 pieces, $71 and up) sizes.

Decorated sheet cakes include a standard decoration (choice of roses, lei or celebration designs), a photo (licensed or own photo) or a combination of both artistic elements. The decorated cakes are available in quarter-sheet (24 pieces, $38.25 and up), half-sheet (48 pieces, $60.25 and up) and full-sheet (96 pieces, $97.50 and up) layouts.

Guests may order custom cakes online (NapoleonsBakery.com), or at any Napoleon’s Bakery location at least three-to-five days in advance. As a reminder, custom decorated cakes are available only at Oahu locations.

“Customers are very particular when it comes to including specific decorations, and we can provide multiple options,” Tsukazaki explains. “If they want, for instance, a picture of the graduate alongside a baby picture, the school colors and the year, we can do all that for them.”

Throughout May, Napoleon’s Bakery offers its special Red Velvet cakes and cup-cakes. These sweet creations are made available this month, as well as in concurrence with Valentine’s Day and Christmas. Diners may indulge in Red Velvet Cake ($19.90), an 8-inch red chocolate cake topped with cream cheese icing. For personalized servings or a quick snack on the go, Red Velvet Gourmet Cup Cake with Cream Cheese Icing also is available for $2.50 apiece.

Red Velvet Sheet Cakes can be special ordered through May 31, and require at least three days advanced notice. The standard sheet cakes may be ordered from NapoleonsBakery.com, or at any Napoleon’s Bakery location, and are configured in quarter-sheet ($33.50), half-sheet ($58.50) and full-sheet ($102) layouts.

“Red velvet cakes cost a bit more because of the ingredients involved and the cream cheese icing, so we don’t offer it every day,” Tsukazaki says. “But during those memorable occasions, it’s when customers are looking for something special. We have a really good, moist, yummy cake!”

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