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August 25, 2013

Story By: Kyle Galdeira | Photos by: Nathalie Walker

Big Island residents no longer need to make a Neighbor Island trek to enjoy their favorite Zippy’s Restaurants fare.

Hilo opened the doors to Hawaii island’s first Zippy’s establishment Aug. 1, and diners quickly flocked to the eatery, which serves as the restaurant’s 25th location within the 50th state. The new locale supplements Zippy’s collection of 23 Oahu eateries and Kahului, Maui, location — many of which are open 24 hours to meet the dining desires of any consumer. From flaky Napples to flavorful Zip Pacs, Zippy’s continues to serve up local comfort food around the clock.

The Big Island location is situated conveniently in Prince Kuhio Plaza, and includes both a dine-in restaurant for families to enjoy, as well as a fast-food counter for those looking for a great meal on the run. Zippy’s also offers Hilo residents and visitors alike an opportunity to enjoy items from the Napoleon’s Bakery counter, including Hot and Fresh selections, such as malasadas and andagi made to order.

“We are extremely humbled that the response has been very favorable within the community,” says Jeanine Mamiya-Kalahiki, marketing manager at Zippy’s Restaurants. “We were pleased with the overwhelming number of people who came to support our opening. Customers have been extremely patient and understanding of the inevitable longer waits than usual. Napoleon’s Bakery is uniquely set up in Hilo, where many items are baked fresh at the location. Also, there is the opportunity to create specialty bakery items using the local flavors of the island of Hawaii.”

Zippy’s was honored recently in Honolulu Star-Advertiser‘s annual Hawaii’s Best People’s Choice Awards for serving up the “Best Family Dining,” representing the “Best Late-Night Eatery” and offering up the “Best Bento,” the latter of which recognizes the restaurant’s iconic Zip Pac. One of the many reasons local diners love Zippy’s is the restaurant’s commitment to infusing fresh, new flavors and items to accompany must-have menu mainstays, including Zippy’s Chili and Fried Chicken.

Customers will be treated to a favorite featured item that returns for a limited time after an out-pouring of demand from loyal diners. Garlic Miso Chicken Plate ($7.75 at the fast-food counter and $8.90 at the restaurant) will be available from Sept. 3 to 30 at special prices. The dish features marinated chicken that is lightly fried to a golden crisp and topped with a zesty garlic miso mayonnaise, green onions and sesame seeds. With two heaping scoops of rice and a hearty scoop of macaroni salad, Garlic Miso Chicken is sure to be flying out of the kitchen.

Zippy’s is also featuring a pair of new salads, which are available from Sept. 3 to Oct. 31 in the dine-in restaurants only. The new Peach Pipikaula Salad ($10.95) includes shaved pipikaula tossed with peaches, tofu, chopped egg and tomatoes atop a bed of ‘Nalo greens, and is accompanied by sweet red wine vinaigrette. Diners may also delve into a freshly-made Garlic Miso Chicken Salad ($9.75), which features the aforementioned chicken and garlic miso mayonnaise, along with green onions and sesame seeds on a bed of ‘Nalo greens, cucumbers and tomatoes.

“We continually use customer feedback as a foundation in creating new items. We are fortunate to have a variety on our menu, but we like to freshen it up by offering new items (for a limited time) to both our loyal and new customers,” explains Mamiya-Kalahiki when describing the fresh menu options. “We always take the time to listen to our customers because without them we would not be around!”

Generations of diners have flocked to Zippy’s in pursuit of delectable desserts, and the eatery has created yet another show-stopper in Roasted Apple Waffle ($8.75 at dine-in restaurants only). From Sept. 3 through Oct. 31, customers may enjoy this decadent treat, which crosses apple pie with a favorite breakfast staple. The dish includes a scoop of ice cream atop a crisp Belgian waffle along with roasted apple slices, crushed Melting Moments cookies and whipped cream.

While the sweet treat is great to share with friends and family gathered around the table, it is perfectly acceptable to polish

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