Seafood Shines Through, Cantonese Style

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March 3, 2013

Story By: Jaimie Kim Farinas | Photos by: Nathalie Walker

Shrimp with Egg Chow Fun ($7.99)

Shrimp with Egg Chow Fun ($7.99)

With Americanized Chinese cuisine chains popping up all over the island, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find an authentic restaurant, right?


You must not have dined at Canton Seafood Restaurant. Not only does the restaurant boast an extensive selection of seafood eats (there are nearly 180 selections on its regular menu), it’s also serving it with an authentic flair.

“Chinese people love the restaurant,” shares assistant manager Helen He.

The restaurant, which will have been open for two years in April, benefits from a chef originally from China.

“The chef concentrates on quality,” says He.

Clam with Black Bean Sauce ($12.99)

Clam with Black Bean Sauce ($12.99)

The Live Lobster ($18.99 each or $12.99 when ordered with an entree) is housed in tanks in the restaurant, and can be served with one of four sauces: ginger and green onion, pepper and salt (no gravy), black bean, or butter and garlic.

Unlike other Chinese restaurants on the island, He says that Canton Seafood serves the best type of lobster: Maine lobsters.

Another popular item is Clam with Black Bean Sauce ($12.99). The generous portion of clam is boiled before the sauce is added and it is stir-fried.

Stop in for lunch and you will find yourself attempting to make a selection from close to 50 lunch specials with prices starting at $5.99. The restaurant’s Shrimp with Egg Chow Fun ($7.99) is made with chow fun noodles (rice noodles), peas and shrimp, and gravy with eggs.

The restaurant’s open dining space and ample amount of tables are inviting to families and groups. Plus, the more people you go with, the more you’ll be able to try.

Canton Seafood Restaurant

923 Keeaumoku St., Honolulu
10 a.m.-midnight, daily

Honolulu, HI 96814

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