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December 23, 2012

Story By: Steve Murray | Photos by: Nathalie Walker

The seemingly endless holiday season is typified by slow-moving traffic, long lines, crowded stores and an overall sense of dread knowing the repeat is just 330 days away. Thankfully, the holidays also mean get-togethers and the necessity for portable food that is tasty and varied. In other words, pupus, but the platter.

Kozo Sushi’s most popular holiday bring-along is Deluxe Maki Set ($25.99). No wonder. It has nearly everything a party guest could want. The platter includes 24 pieces of maki sushi split among ume, pickled radish, cucumber and kampyo. In addition, there are 24 pieces of hosomaki and four inari.

Not exactly what you’re looking for? Sukeroku Plate ($19.50) offers 12 pieces of inari sushi, 24 pieces of futomaki made with tofu, egg and cucumber, and kampyo.

Need to fulfill a wish for fish? No problem. Aloha Set ($25.99) has 25 pieces of nigiri featuring ahi, ika, egg, shrimp and salmon. You also get 18 portions of hosomaki.

Not sure what to get? Family Set ($25.99) is a large combination of just about everything Kozo offers including nigiri, inari, makisushi and hosomaki.

Has the office party slowly devolved from a raucus night time wine and food fest into a minor get together? Junior Set ($16.99) may just be what you need. Thirty portions of sushi has enough nigiri and hosomaki to satisfy your cubicle mate and any other wandering cohort or two.

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