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August 19, 2012

Story By: Chris Fleck | Photos by: Chris Fleck

Evil Jungle Prince ($12.95-$16.95)

In 1977, Keo Sananikone, owner of Keo’s Thai Cuisine invited a prince to his newly established restaurant. This prince has been dining at Keo’s for more than three decades and is a hit with each guest. No, I’m not talking about any of Thailand’s royalty, but of Sananikone’s Evil Jungle Prince, a dish he created, which has enjoyed fame and novelty among tourists, celebrities and locals.

“Everybody in the whole town has tried to copy this dish. According to our customers, Evil Jungle Prince is the best right here,” says general manager Paul Sananikone.

Evil Jungle Prince begins with a base of Keo’s savory curry, which mixes a fantastic blend of coconut milk, basil, red chili, and a few other herbs and spices. Served over bamboo shoots, cabbage and red peppers, Evil Jungle Prince can be accompanied with chicken, beef, tofu or seafood and prices range from $12.95 to $16.95. The synthesis in the seafood option is superb as the fish, scallops, shrimp and calamari absorb the flavor of the hot or medium curry.

“This dish was featured in Bon Appetit magazine when we (Keo’s) were voted best Thai restaurant in America,” adds Sananikone. “When you say Big Mac you know it’s McDonald’s, and when you say Evil Jungle Prince you know it’s Keo’s.”

Keo’s Thai Cuisine

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