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November 26, 2011

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Happy Sunday, Ono readers! So, being that your Thanksgiving feast probably lulled you to sleep for days, I would guess that if you’re anything like me, then you’re only now regaining full consciousness, slowly emerging from that zombie-like state, thanks to the intense kanak attack. It’s been said that the turkey itself is the culprit in after-lunch/dinner lethargy, but truth be told, turkey or no turkey, it’s common to feel the effects of the feast.

Therefore, while I still have mounds of Thanksgiving leftovers waiting to be devoured in the refrigerator, this week I had to keep it somewhat simple for the sake of my stomach — fresh fruit creations were what I was after. Berries, apples, lychee and more — you name it — the following Ono, You Know establishments had it all. Some masterpieces were more decadent than others, but the common thread equated to a symphony of refreshing fruits that I simply couldn’t resist!

Panya Bakery, Bistro & Bar

  • Stuffed after Thanksgiving, the editor can't wait to take a sip of Panya's refreshing Double Apple Juice ($5.75).
  • Panya's Salmon Sashimi Rainbow Salad ($14.95) and Double Apple Juice ($5.75)
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When it comes to freshness and quality, Panya Bakery, Bistro & Bar is at the top of its game. Owners Annie and Alice Yeung work diligently day-in and day-out providing local diners with an eclectic Euro-Asian fare.

And while I am a die-hard fan of the eatery’s Laksa, a Malaysian-style noodle dish complete with shrimp, fish cake, aburage, bean sprouts, corn, aromatic herbs and more, I was craving something refreshingly fruity and light — you know, the opposite of what a Turkey Day feast is all about? Enter Panya’s Salmon Sashimi Rainbow Salad ($14.95) and Double Apple Juice ($5.75). Executive chef Brian Chan, who has worked for the establishment for more than 12 years, has perfected the art of creating these masterpieces.

“The Salmon Sashimi Rainbow Salad is popular here,” Chan says, and in my opinion it’s an after-Thanksgiving must.

This exquisite dining option features fresh salmon sashimi, tossed with pickled ginger, pickled shallots, sliced apples, cucumbers, tomatoes, crisp romaine lettuce and strawberries, topped off with won ton crisps, peanuts and sesame, dressed with a zesty wasabi shoyu sauce, which provides a flavorful kick for your palate. And, I must reveal that while the apples and strawberries give a vibrant color to this already remarkable dish, it’s that subtle sweetness that it also provides that makes this salad stand in a class all its own. You can’t go wrong.

Now, to quench my thirst, Panya’s Double Apple Juice is the ultimate choice and the epitome of freshness. Utilizing fresh green apples and pineapple juice, chef Chan tells me it’s all in the blending technique, thus creating one of the freshest juice blends my taste buds have ever witnessed. The contrast of tangy and sweet results in a superlative combination of tastes.

Panya Bakery, Bistro & Bar
Ala Moana Center
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IHOP Hawaii

  • IHOP's Fresh Fruit Crepe ($10.99)
  • IHOP Kuhio assistant manager Greg Lewis with the Fresh Fruit Crepe.
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International House of Pancakes (IHOP) knows how to serve up home-style meals that span all appetites and borders. Known specifically for its award-winning Original Buttermilk Pancakes with an authentic country flavor, this pancake franchise is a breakfast lover’s oasis.

For the world-class foodie in you, make sure your flight path crosses the International Crepe Passport ($12.19), a magnificent dish comprising of your choice of crepe, two eggs and four pieces of meat. According to IHOP Kuhio assistant manager Greg Lewis, the Fresh Fruit Crepe is an IHOP classic.

“This is one of our originals here at IHOP,” he says. “We sell quite a few, in fact.”

The Fresh Fruit Crepe ($10.99) is made fresh every day and features an onolicious crepe topped with refreshing pieces of banana, grapes, pineapple, honey dew melon and cantaloupe. A helping of strawberry yogurt and honey granola finish off the dish, making it a guilt-free slice of heaven.

“The combination of ingredients is really simple, but the result is outstanding,” says IHOP Kuhio’s general manager David Bagood. “It’s a healthy alternative and many people enjoy it.”

IHOP Hawaii
2211 Kuhio Ave. (and other various locations)
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Fendu Boulangerie

  • Fendu Boulangerie's Buttermilk and Fresh Berry Panna Cotta ($4.50)
  • Fendu Boulangerie's Lychee Caramel Flan ($4.25)
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There’s no need to venture off to Europe to feast on the best of European breads and pastries when you can have it all right here at home — at Fendu Boulangerie. Owner and chef Niel Koep opened the doors to this bakery in Manoa Marketplace in March 2009, and since then has been satisfying the appetites of loyal patrons with a varied selection of daily breads, breakfast pastries, pizzas, sandwiches, desserts and more.

Stuffed from Thanksgiving, I couldn’t imagine taking in another piece of pumpkin pie. Albeit delicious, I needed to opt for something reinvigorating and sweet, making Fendu’s Lychee Caramel Flan ($4.25) and Buttermilk and Fresh Berry Panna Cotta ($4.50) appear quite tempting indeed.

The Buttermilk and Fresh Berry Panna Cotta is my go-to dessert post-Thanksgiving. Topped with fresh mixed berries, including strawberries, kiwi, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries drizzled in a light buttermilk cream sauce, this dessert consists of layers of ladyfinger sponge cake and a savory mixed berry sauce. It’s quite divine, to say the very least!

Now, if you’re a fan of flan, you’ll love the Lychee Caramel Flan. The flan itself is mixed with ground lychee with a pulp-like consistency and cooked to perfection. It’s then topped with a sweet caramel glaze, made in-house, and lastly decorated with vibrant pieces of the freshest watermelon, kiwi and blueberry. It’s truly love at first bite!

Fendu Boulangerie
Manoa Marketplace
2752 Woodlawn Drive #5119
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