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August 20, 2011

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Greek Marina, the creation of owner and chef Tarek Guirguis and business partner Nasser Rizk, offers a host of authentic Greek cuisine in a relaxing atmosphere within Koko Marina Center. As customers enjoy their meals, views of boats, inner tubes and paddlers within the bustling marina offer a picturesque backdrop.

  • Pupus from Greek Marina, starting with Falafel ($6.95), Fried Calamari ($7.95), Hummus ($6.95), Dolmades ($6.95) and at center Spanakopita ($4.95)
  • Spanakopita ($4.95)
  • Hummus ($6.95)
  • Fried Calamari ($7.95)
  • Dolmades ($6.95)
  • Falafel and pita bread ($6.95)
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The eatery has a large selection of appetizers that go well as starters, and also can be enjoyed as a quick meal.

The Hummus ($6.95) draws rave reviews from returning customers. The blend of garbanzo beans, tahini, fresh garlic and lemon is topped with olive oil and served with freshly baked pita bread. A hands-on eating experience awaits as customers dip the warm, fluffy pita in the hummus to create a mouth-watering combination of flavors.

Dive in for some Fried Calamari ($7.95) as the deep-fried morsels are served with a tangy garlic mayo sauce. The plentiful platter provides diners with a mountain of fried squid that gives the Acropolis a run for its money.

Those looking for a vegetarian-friendly option will enjoy the Falafel ($6.95), a mixture of crushed chick-peas, parsley, garlic and spices fried in fresh vegetable oil. The Spanakopita ($4.95), or spinach pie, features fresh spinach and feta cheese baked together in filo dough. The result is a flaky pastry-like dish with a buttery crust that seems to melt in your mouth.

Greek Marina

  • Where
    • Koko Marina Center
    • 7192 Kalanianaole Highway E-126
    • Honolulu, HI 96825
  • Call
    • (808) 396-8441
  • Hours
    • 11 a.m. – 3 p.m.
    • 5 p.m. – 9 p.m.
    • Monday – Thursday
    • 11 a.m. – 10 p.m.
    • Friday and Saturday
    • 11 a.m. – 9 p.m.
    • Sunday

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