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May 28, 2011

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This scenario is all-too-familiar to many of us: You’re having a pretty good day, and you decide to step out for a bite to eat. When perusing the menu, you’ll spot a dish that looks just delicious — except it contains beef or pork, so it’s not for you, and you keep on searching. Whether or not you know exactly what you want, you definitely know what you don’t want, and sometimes it’s difficult to find a vegetarian dish that pleases your palate among a menu’s offerings.

  • Jai ($9.95)
  • Nice Day Chinese Seafood Restaurant welcomes diners to a vibrant atmosphere with immaculate cuisine to match.
  • Nice Day's Shirley Cheng with a piping-hot dish of jai.
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It just shouldn’t be that hard, you grumble to yourself. It’s frustrating, and dealing with an unaccommodating server can actually ruin your day. As all good restaurateurs know, customer service is key. So why do some restaurants refuse to make substitutions or modify their dishes?

Nice Day Chinese Seafood Restaurant in Liliha Square Shopping Center strives to live up to its name. Here, customers can pretty much express whatever it is they want, and they’ll do their best to make it happen. Walk-ins are welcome, and even large groups of vegetarians can feel free to ask that dishes be prepared to their liking.

If you’re too shy to try, or just don’t have the time or desire to delve into a discussion with your server, here’s a popular dish on the Nice Day menu that non-carnivores can order with confidence.

Jai ($9.95), aka monk’s food, is a savory combination of long rice, tofu, mushrooms, black fungus, carrots, snow peas and more prepared in a red bean curd sauce.

It’s a dish traditionally eaten for good luck during Chinese New Year, but who doesn’t need a bit of good luck anytime of year?

Nice Day Chinese Seafood Restaurant

  • Where
    • 1425 Liliha Street
    • Honolulu, HI 96817
  • Call
    • (808) 524-1628
  • Hours
    • Open daily
    • 8 a.m. – 10 p.m.

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