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Greens & Vines Raw Vegan Gourmet

The coolest cuisine

You won’t find boiling pots, blazing ovens or sizzling skillets anywhere near this kitchen. Instead, blenders, food processors and dehydrators do the heavy lifting. Baffling as it may sound, Greens & Vines is a restaurant that doesn’t actually cook anything. As a raw vegan eatery, heating food above 118 degrees is strictly forbidden. The saying,…

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May the ‘odds’ be ever in your flavor

Veganism. When you say that word to many, it’s as if you’re speaking another language. Although, I assure you, it is English! I think back to many a conversation, especially in those early days of the vegan revolution, when I would mention my chosen way of eating, and I would be met with wide-eyed whispers…

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The Power of Cauliflower!

I’ve always loved the holidays! The magnetic energy, festive cheer, warmth and love provoke the best kind of happiness this time of year. Yet, with the holidays come the biggest temptation, and somehow I believe I can eat everything in sight without packing on an ounce of weight. I’m demolishing leftover Halloween candy that still…

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Join the Raw Vegan Gourmet Movement

Until only recently has America put down the super-sized fries and extra-large colas, and slowly begun to embrace “clean eating.” Even a decade ago, the terms “raw” and “vegan” would raise eyebrows in a society drowned in meat, preservatives and artificial flavors. How times have changed. Today, there’s a smorgasbord of trendy eateries across the…

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Vegan fare that’s non-vegan approved

No doubt, the opening of Greens & Vines two years ago was a dream come true for many vegans here. However, it also has become a favorite for countless non-vegans. Locally owned and operated, the upscale, raw, vegan gourmet restaurant is conveniently located at 909 Kapiolani Blvd. (across from Neal Blaisdell Center), and offers lunch…

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Sprouting Up Bountiful Raw, Vegan Cuisine

When her husband suffered a heart attack two days after Thanksgiving in 2003, Sylvia Thompson heeded the “wake-up call” and embarked on a journey with a course set for upgrading to a healthier lifestyle. More than a decade later, Thompson has turned her appreciation for raw vegan cuisine into a successful restaurant concept dubbed Greens…

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