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Cafe Lani

February 26, 2017

Keep The Crowds Coming

From the moment that Café Lani Hawaii opened in January 2016, it drew in the crowds. Lines out the door appeared almost immediately. While that often is the case for new restaurants, Café Lani is now more than a year old and its popularity is as strong as ever. Created by Japan-based company Pierthirty, Café…

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Going Green in 2017

With the new year already off to a great start, many of us are on a mission to make healthy dining choices in 2017. Whatever your motivation for this may be — whether it’s shedding some excess holiday weight or simply leading a healthy lifestyle overall — there’s no harm in filling your opu with…

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November 13, 2016

Eatery stocks menu with seasonal faves

From the artful interior design to the beautifully presented food displays in the window and the enticing smell of freshly baked bread lingering through the air, it’s hard to walk by Cafe Lani Hawaii at Ala Moana Center without wanting to go in. Then there’s the food — exquisite culinary masterpieces that are fresh, tasty…

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October 9, 2016

Cafe Lani Hawaii

If you look to one corner of Cafe Lani Hawaii, you’ll see an area fit for the perfect picnic, with bench seating and an open window that brings in natural sunlight. In the mid-section of the bakery and restaurant, the scene is set up like a forest with wood detailing and tall tree-like configurations positioned…

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