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 A la Carte
                             Dry Age Wagyu Smoked Smash Burger ($15)
                        Pearl Country Club
Family Meal To Go!
Fried Noodles
Salad: Mixed Greens or Mac Salad
Korean BBQ Chicken or Korean Fried Chicken
Beef Curry or Beef Stew
808-487-2460 X2
Ideal Meal for a Hungry Family of 4
*Please order at least 2 hour in advance of pickup
Eatery has a wide-ranging menu
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In a casual environment, Yoas Sorbet & Aquas- capes offers a variety
of options for high quality goods and services.
Customers can enjoy sor- bet and other food while browsing aquascapes, cellphone cases or local- ly made Tasu garlic chili oil and handcrafted anime key chains. Often lunch trucks and other vendors hold pop-ups at the venue as well.
A favorite on the menu is theDryAgeWagyuSmoked Smash Burger ($15), which uses dry-aged wagyu smoked ground beef on potato bread with bacon jam and is seasoned with a house sauce followed by homemade pickles.
The Dry Age Wagyu Smoked Loco Moco ($15) uses the same type of beef over Japanese rice with a homemade mushroom on- ion gravy.
For dessert, the shop’s sorbet (call for price) comes in all-natural flavors without added sugar. There are a
    Dry Age Wagyu Smoked Loco Moco ($15)
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Dining Out / May 21-27, 2023

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