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1. Seafood Bento ($11.50)
2. Roast Pork ($10.50)
3. Options at St. Louis Drive In
4. Super Japanese Plate Deluxe
5. Star-Advertiser Seafood Specia
and two shrimp tempura along with rice and tossed salad. The Super Japanese Plate Deluxe ($13.50) fea- tures the same items plus two scallops to round out the sea- foodmedley.RoastPorkPlate ($10.50) features succulent pork cooked for five hours daily, which makes the meat very tender and delicious, and comes with two scoops of rice and a choice of tossed greens or macaroni salad.
“It’s been rewarding to see people grow up as gen- erations of families contin-
eal ue to come back, and we’re ed lucky to have hard-working ra, employees who give it their gg all,” Akimoto says. “Because nd our employees have been
with us for so long at our xe small hole in the wall, includ- ial ing some who have worked ko in the restaurant industry for
imi more than 50 years, we hon-
               or them with that dignity, and loyal customers look forward to that dedicated service and their favorite dishes.
“We try to elevate the experience for everyone, including offering differ- ent varieties of seafood and plating the dishes like you’re going to eat a nice meal in Waikiki. It’s a dif- ferent breed of plate lunch when there’s sashimi on the plate, too. The rest is history, and we keep learn- ing something new every
day; that keeps it fun and interesting!”
For the latest information and available specials, follow St. Louis Drive In on Instagram @st.louisdrivein_hawaii.
St. Louis
Drive In
3145 Waialae Ave.,
Honolulu »
5 a.m.-10 p.m. Mondays- Fridays; 5 a.m.-9 p.m. Saturdays; 8 a.m.-8 p.m. Sundays
        Dining Out
/ May 21-27, 2023
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