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Tantan Men
This is Camado Ramen Tavern’s newest ramen offering.
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The friendly team at Camado Ramen Tav- ern looks forward to seeing “everyone’s big smile” while enjoying a host of Japanese-inspired favor- ites from ramen dishes and housemade gyoza to deli- cious pupu choices and even shave ice.
The new dining concept, which launched last year in Waikiki by Tokyo-based restaurant group Zetton, is situated conveniently on Lewers Street and features a stylish urban tavern motif with a menu anchored pri-
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marily by an array of ramen and izakaya selections.
Camado Ramen Tavern restaurant manager Logan Iwatate explains that guests enjoy the robust menu cou- pled with the restaurant’s “nostalgic atmosphere, mu- sic and service” that come together to create a memora- ble dining experience.
Tonkotsu Ramen ($16, lunch; $17, dinner) headlines the restaurant’s assortment of ramen options, as the pork- based broth envelopes thin noodles, negi, menma, kiku- rage, beni gari and braised
chashu pork slices. Iwatate explains that this iconic dish is Camado Ramen Tavern’s bestseller, and it serves as a hearty option any time throughout the day.
Pork Gyoza ($8) features
five pieces of the popular
steamed pot stickers that
make for a great appetizer
as well as an accompaniment
to one’s ramen selection. The
Pork Gyoza is also available
in a 10-piece order ($14) as
well as in the Pork Gyoza Set
($12, lunch) with rice and Vegan Gyoza ($8 for five ($14), in which the fried oc- soup included. Also, during pieces, $14 for 10 pieces). topus balls feature savory dinner service, Shrimp Gyo- During dinner service, notes that pair nicely with
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za ($9) is available, as are
be sure to try the Takoyaki
one’s favorite beverage. Takoyaki Tantan Men ($22.50) is the eatery’s new- est ramen choice. Chick-
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