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 Sidi Omar Mawloud, regional manager of The Alley Ala Moana, invites the public to try refreshing teas and limited-time gau.
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As the friendly, hard- working team at The Alley reminds
guests, it’s always time for tea! The refreshing, invigo- rating beverage brings forth a sense of happiness and connects one’s ideal life with memorable experiences.
The Alley originated in Tai- wan and its headquarters are based in California. About three years ago, the team did some market research in Hawaii and found the need for more quality boba tea shops. This revelation led to the first local location of The Alley opening at Ala Moana Center in December 2019.
“We pride ourselves on quality,” says Sidi Omar Mawloud, regional manag-
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er of The Alley Ala Moana. “Our tapioca, which we call ‘Deerioca’ in reference to our mascot deer logo, is first made by hand in Taiwan. It’s then shipped here, and we cook it in house all day, ev- ery day. Each batch is only used for two hours, otherwise we dispose of it to ensure freshness.
“We are also committed to making our own sugar cane syrup. The boiling process creates the iconic original flavor that our guests enjoy with a sweetness that is del- icate, but never overpower- ing. We hand-pick the types of tea leaves that we use, so each cup of tea has its own determined aroma and taste.”
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