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 A la Carte
 Enjoy Japanese cuisine swathed in deliciousness
F or all things katsu, visit KOROMO kat- su & curry bistro, which is situated in Pearlridge Center (Makai).
The restaurant’s Kushi Katsu a la carte offerings begin at $1.75 per skewer, while its 10-piece assorted Moriawase dish costs $25.25.
“Our Kushi Katsu selection is very pop- ular — fun for pau hana get-togethers,” says Nobutaka ‘Tony’ Sato, executive vice president.
Another bestseller is the Pork Loin Kat- su Teishoku, which ranges in price from $13.75 to $28.75.
“The katsu’s crispy outside seals in the tender, juicy flavorful inside (and) makes it a hit with katsu lovers,” Sato adds.
On the eatery’s name, Sato explains, “KOROMO means coating or covering, in Japanese, and refers to the crunchy, crusty, deep-fried golden katsu panko breading that seals in the juicy flavor of our premium meats and vegetables.”
In addition to delicious food, even the air smells good at KOROMO katsu & curry bistro. To ensure guests are safe and com- fortable, the restaurant utilizes a special air conditioning system that kills more than 99% of airborne pathogens and viruses.
  Pork Loin Katsu Teishoku (price varies) Assorted 10-piece Moriawase ($25.25)
   “KOROMO uses fresh premium pork, chicken and oysters,” says executive chef Willy Okimoto. “The panko is prepared fresh daily, from whole loaves of bread for that authentic Japanese-style crunchy katsu coating.”
The restaurant’s chefs bread every kat-
su to order. Okimoto adds that to achieve a “crunchy, juicy delicacy,” items must be fried at just the right temperature.
“KOROMO also uses premium white and brown rice, and makes its miso soup fresh each meal period with real katsuo flakes. No instant dashi here,” Okimoto notes.
Pearlridge Center, Makai
98-1005 Moanalua Road No. 545, Aiea 808-468-0009
11 a.m.-8 p.m. Mondays-Saturdays;
11 a.m.-7 p.m. Sundays
   Authentic Japanese Nabe
    Premium Course Meal $125
Includes Monthly Appetizer (3 Kinds), Chawan Mushi, Seared Miso & Butter Lobster, Seared Wagyu Uni Sushi, Beef Tongue, Assorted Vegetables, Wagyu Beef Chuck Eye Roll, Monthly Chef’s Dish, Kuobuta Pork, Tai Snapper or Selected fish, King Crab, Rice Porridge, and Dessert!
“10 Course Meal $85”
  Call for Reservations (808)367-0012
2334 S. King St, STE C, 2nd Floor, Honolulu HI
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