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  Kauai Restaurant of the Week with Anne Lee
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Midnight Bear Breads is one of the magi- cal places that make Kauai a food lover’s paradise. Located in the historic town of Hanapepe sits the bakery where Evan McAfee and his wife Ursa bake delectable breads and pastries until the wee hours of the morning — every day. I was able to catch him at the Anaina Hou farmers market on a Sunday all the way in Kilauea. What makes this even more special is that his bakery is located an hour and a half away from this farmers market. Both Evan and Ursa bake until the crack of dawn, load up his truck, then he drives to set up an hour before the market opens, just in time to meet the demands of eager customers who have already formed a line, as he sells out quickly — all with no sleep.
I can see why he has such a following. I had one bite of the croissant and felt like I was in a French café — so flaky, chewy, soft, light and airy. Words cannot describe the taste. I haven’t tasted bread like this in Hawaii. If you are on Kauai, this is a must try — you won’t be disappointed.
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Midnight Bear Breads owner Evan McAfee and Anne Lee

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