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Restaurant Insider with Anne Lee
                                     ANNE LEE
speaks with Uncle Sharkii’s Poke Bar co-founders
There’s a new poke bowl and boba tea place opening at Internation- al Market Place called Uncle Sharkii’s Poke Bar. It’s a concept created by husband and wife team Raymond and Fen Reyes, and named by their daugh- ter, Melody, after she visted an “uncle” for the first time. The two enjoyed boba
milk tea, ice cream and snacks, and he gifted her a toy shark that looks exactly like their logo today. The grand opening is this weekend (March 12-13), during which the first 100 customers will receive a boba milk tea on the house in addition to lots of promotional giveaways, includ- ing Sharkii Money that you can use on a future purchase.
AL: What makes your poke unique?
RR: Our motto is “poke bowls made sim- ple.” Our focus is to make the ordering process simple — simplicity is key — so
that we can share this wonderful dish with the world. Our goal was to make poke mainstream and be able to serve every- body, which stays true to our mission: healthy food for everyone!
AL: You have Hawaii ties, tell me more about your history.
RR: I’m a local boy at heart. I was born in Hawaii and raised traditional local style. I remember going to Waikiki in my youth, and I never knew in my wildest dreams that all this would come full circle allow- ing my wife and I to open our very own
business in the heart of Waikiki at Inter- national Market Place.
AL: What are the various options that Uncle Sharkii offers?
FR: We offer six signature poke bowls. Each bowl comes with a base, which can be rice or salad; four sides, which are cucumbers, corn, seaweed and crab; and we top it with furikake and masago eggs.
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Anne Lee takes a photo with (from left) Uncle Sharkii’s Poke Bar co-founder and COO Raymond Reyes and founder and CEO Fen Reyes.
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