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With Thanksgiving less than a month away, fond memories of family and friends coupled with holiday staples of moist turkey, stuff- ing, mashed potatoes and gravy take the spotlight.
Thanksgiving provides a wealth of positive experiences, but the holiday also tends to conjure up moments of anxiety as hosts plan for the stress and mess typically involved with preparing and coordinating a grand spread.
Zippy’s is ready to help by providing Thanksgiving Holiday Meals, including the Whole Turkey Package for $141.95 (all prices listed here may vary by location) if ordered at the restaurant or by phone, and just $121.95 if ordered online. The convenient packages
are easy to reheat and serve. And, by preor- dering packages online before the Nov. 18 deadline at 5 p.m. via, customers will save up to $20.
“Our Thanksgiving packages are popu- lar because of the convenience of reheating them, and they’re also very delicious!” says marketing manager Jeanine Mamiya-Kala- hiki. “It relieves the stress of spending the entire time in the kitchen preparing your Thanksgiving feast and gives you more time to spend with family.You can also gift a Thanksgiving package to family or friends, which has been very popular. Order now as we sell out very quickly.”
The Whole Turkey Package serves eight to 10 and includes: a 10-to-12-pound (cooked
weight) refrigerated whole roast turkey that is fully cooked and easy to reheat; 4 pounds of poultry gravy; 4 pounds of real mashed potatoes; 3 pounds of stuffing; 1 pound of cranberry/pineapple relish; and a dozen King’s Hawaiian Sweet Dinner Rolls. The Half Turkey Package ($82.95 at the restaurant or by phone, $67.95 online) serves four, and includes: a 5-to-6-pound (cooked weight) half turkey that is fully cooked and easy to re- heat; 2 pounds of poultry gravy; 2 pounds of real mashed potatoes; 1.5 pounds of stuffing; half a pound of cranberry/pineapple relish; and six King’s Hawaiian Sweet Dinner Rolls. Additionally, guests can pick up a Whole Tur- key Only option ($79.95 at the restaurant, or $71.95 online), a 10-to-12-pound (cooked
Chef Trevor Luke, director of culinary, is pictured with the Thanksgiving Meals To Go Package (whole turkey package, $121.95 online price; $141.95 phone order or in-person price).
weight) whole roast turkey that is fully cooked and easy to reheat.
Simple reheating instructions are provid- ed, and each Thanksgiving meal may be supplemented with a pumpkin or custard pie for an additional $11 (must order one of the three packages to get this price). Addi- tionally,guestsmayaddonuncutmakisushi rolls ($5.95 each, limit five rolls per package), mashed potatoes (2 pounds, add to a pack- age for $9.75) and poultry gravy (2 pounds, add to a package for an additional $4.85).
As a reminder, prices are slightly higher at Zippy’s Kahului and Hilo, and the meals are not valid with any discount cards, cou- pons or other promotional offers. Prepay- ment is required to guarantee an order at
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