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    Restaurant Insider with Anne Lee
   This features a Makaweli patty, un- agi, sunny side-up egg and short rib poutine fries. It’s air, land and sea all in one burger.
Available Thursday-Saturday is our 34-ounce Tomahawk ($125) with crispy lyonnaise potatoes, corn and grilled seasonal vege- tablemedley.ThisistheonlyRoy’s location that offers it right now.
AL: Does Eating House have a specific motto or mission it runs by?
MB: Coming from Beach House, Eating House has similar open-air dining feel, the atmosphere is ca- sual and relaxed, but the quality and level of service is still there.
One of the goals that Roy’s has consistently at each of his restau- rants is that we are ambassadors of aloha and treat everyone like family.
AL: Brunch now has become a dining culture, what makes your brunch unique?
MB: We offer our brunch on Sun- day from 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.; hopefully we will be able to offer this option for the weekend in the future, as it is very popular. We carry over some of our signature Eating House dinner menu items and offer special brunch items, such as the Caviar and Lobster Eggs Benedict and our Chicken & Waffles. We also have some brunchcocktailspecials:theYuzu Ginger Shandy made with yuzu honey, ginger elixir and Big Wave
Golden Ale, and the Tropical Fizz made with a tropical blend and sparkling wine. Each are $9 during brunch.
AL: What are some of the restau- rant’s other specials/events com- ing up?
MB: With the holidays coming up, we are looking forward to sharing our holiday menus that will offer more variety, and new family-ori- ented items. We are looking at hopefully opening back up for lunch soon, looking at early 2022. We do offer open-air din-
ing, which many guests look for when choosing to dine out. Our happy hour has great specials (drinks and small plates), 4-6 p.m. every day.
Eating House 1849 by Roy Yamaguchi International Marketplace 2330 Kalakaua Ave. No. 322 808-924-1849
4-6 p.m. happy hour; 4-9 p.m. dinner;
10:30 a.m.-2 p.m. Sunday brunch
1. OOO-Oui Yamaguchi Burger ($28) 2. Tomahawk ($125)
3. Lobster Black Truffle Ramen ($39) 4. Deep Sea Taco Trio ($27)
AL: Tell me more about the new daily specials.
MB: Lobster Black Truffle Ramen ($39) is offered Sundays-Wednes- days. It’s a classic Eating House ramen with generous amounts of shaved black truffle and a full 4-ounce lobster tail. This was in- troduced back in March when we first reopened for dine-in and was a bestseller.
On Mondays, the special is our50thStateMapleGlazedHalf Roasted Fried Chicken Sandwich ($28). We glaze the chicken right
out of the fryer. It comes with our chipotle aioli slaw, two pieces of grilled pork belly and served with a side of tempura shishito pepper fries.
For Taco Tuesday, we created the Deep-Sea Taco Trio ($27): Miso Glazed Butterfish, Rustic Seared Ahi Tataki and Macadamia Nut Tempura Kampachi.
On Wednesdays, we have the OOO-Oui Yamaguchi Burger ($28).TheOOOislikesaying “oooh yes,” and the oui is a play on the French word meaning “yes.”
    A Thanksgiving Masterpiece
  This Thanksgiving, relax and let The Kahala do the cooking. Enjoy a complete holiday masterpiece with a succulent, 14-pound fresh and non-GMO turkey and an array of sides: freshly made citrus cranberry sauce, green bean casserole with bacon and truffle béchamel sauce, Chef Jonathan Mizukami’s family recipe “Portuguese stuffing,” French-style roasted garlic pommepurée,mixedgreens,andpumpkinpiebreadpudding,completewitheggnoganglaise.
Thanksgiving Masterpiece Dinner, $450 plus tax, Serves 6-8 people, Limited availability, no substitutions. Reserve and schedule a convenient drive-thru pick-up at
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