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        When chef Dave “D.K.” Kodama and his expert culinary team looked at reopening his line of restaurants following an extended closure caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the veteran chef and restaurateur turned to his team to make it happen.
Kodama explains that as his signature d.k. Steak House reopened on July 15 in Waikiki, he brought together an “all-star” team of chefs and contributors from the steakhouse, as well as sister restaurants Sansei Seafood Restaurant & Sushi Bar and Vino Italian Tapas & Wine Bar to contribute their talents and top dishes to a new hybrid menu. Kodama notes that the move has not been easy on his bot- tom line, however, the strategy represents a
commitment to his loyal customers and staff as the local community observes physical distancing with the hopes of reaching the next normal soon.
“By blending the menus, we were able to keep this strong team of chefs employed, and everyone really lends their skills and passions to the refreshed menu,” Kodama says. “We’ve been jamming, and it’s great to see Waikiki so busy. We take care of our guests and employees as best as we can; we practice social distancing with our tables and the restaurant is professionally sanitized regularly, so we’re really committed to keep- ing everyone safe.”
d.k. Steak House is open Monday through Saturday nights from 5 to 9:30 p.m. within the
Waikiki Beach Marriott. Kodama aims to cre- ate a “casual elegance” and a relaxed vibe: “If you want to come in shorts, that’s fine!”
Guests can look forward to an array of favorites on the new menu, including su- shi selections from Sansei. Dragonfly Roll ($20) yields eight pieces of the freshly rolled starter with spicy tuna and kiaware sprouts rolled urumaki style and topped with fresh ahi and avocado before being served with a sweet Thai chile aioli.
Seafood enthusiasts rave about Bristol Bay Scallops ($23.95) and Cajun Seared Walu Sashimi with Yukke Sauce ($15.75), which features a white tuna with shaved sweet Maui onions, jalapeños and cilantro paired with a sweet, savory sauce.
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d.k. Steak House head sushi chef Greg Gabaon and executive chef Albert Balbas showcase the
restaurant’s fantastic dishes.
Lobster & Shrimp Mashed Potatoes ($27) is a perfect accompaniment to the USDA Prime steak selections at d.k. Steak House. This superb side shines with sautéed cold-water lobster tail and jumbo shrimp in a tarragon cream sauce atop creamy mashed potatoes.
d.k. Steak House is known for its stellar steaks, and the Prime Dry-Aged Bone-In Rib Eye ($85) steals the show. This hearty 22-ounce cut is aged for 30 days and of- fers a delicious, natural flavor as the beef is grown with no growth hormones, steroids of antibiotics.
“Guests can have the best of three worlds with some sushi and sashimi, then jump into some appetizers before enjoying a steak,
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