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February 9, 2020

Story By: Caroline Wright | Photos by: New Eagle Cafe

When your cravings demand the best local comfort food in town, head for New Eagle Cafe in Nimitz Center. With a menu of more than 100 classic dishes, with fantastic daily lunch and dinner specials, New Eagle has served Hawaii’s favorite meals to happy locals and visitors for almost a century.

When George and Teruko Teruya bought the Eagle Cafe in the 1960s, it had already been a popular Honolulu eatery for over three decades. At some point, the Teruyas added “New” to the restaurant’s name. In 2012, Oahu native Tae Im bought New Eagle Cafe. Though Im changed the menu a bit, New Eagle remains beloved by local diners who love its spectacular selection of classic homestyle dishes from around the world.

After all, New Eagle Cafe might be one of the few restaurants on the planet with a menu that includes elaborate offerings like prime rib and whole Maine lobster; Asian fare like sashimi, donburi, and teishoku; classic favorites like pork chops and spaghetti, and a rotating offering of Daily Specials rarely seen on any tables that aren’t in Grandma’s kitchen — think tripe stew, corned beef and cabbage, ox tongue, meatloaf and Swiss steak.

Additionally, New Eagle’s breakfast menu, with everything from Belgian waffles and Eggs Benedict to classic Japanese saba with miso soup and tsukemono, is also diverse and delightful.

It’s no wonder that many Oahu residents think of New Eagle Cafe with such affection.

“Ninety percent of our customers are local, and we have a lot of regulars who visit on the way to the airport,” Im says. And the restaurant’s social media includes multiple posts from neighbor islanders who say they make the restaurant their first stop after landing.

With compelling deals like Early Bird specials each day from 3 to 5 p.m., daily happy hour specials from 3 to 6 p.m., and coupons in Dining Out, New Eagle’s affordable meals have helped endear it to Hawaii families.

“Also, every Monday we have a Kids’ Day!” says head server Maria Dona, who has worked at New Eagle for almost 30 years. “For every adult entree purchase, you can get a child’s entree for free.”

The most popular keiki dishes are Chicken Katsu and Spaghetti.


Start the day with a delicious plate of sunshine at New Eagle Cafe. This concoction is a mouthwatering delivery of the classic breakfast dish. Two toasted English muffins, two poached eggs, ham, and Hollandaise sauce, plus your choice of rice, hash browns or toast. It’s only available during breakfast hours. File photos


After almost 30 years at New Eagle Cafe, head server Maria Dona knows the menu better than almost anybody. She says this hot dish is probably the most popular on New Eagle Cafe’s extensive menu. Served on a sizzling platter, the tender morsels of beef are cooked with carrots, bell peppers, tomatoes and onions.

PRIME RIB ($24.50)

Another hugely popular entree, New Eagle Cafe’s Prime Rib consists of a 10-ounce piece of beef served with hot vegetables and choice of rice, mashed potatoes, fries or brown rice. “We also serve Prime Rib for Two ($52), which comes with a starch, and also with soup or a salad,” says head server Maria Dona. Slow-roasted to juicy perfection, the prime rib is a hugely popular item on New Eagle’s extensive menu; occasionally they run out!


Though this grand combination is a full traditional Japanese meal, it’s reasonably priced. Just one of many delectable options on New Eagle Cafe’s diverse menu, the butterfish meal is much loved by regulars thanks to its flaky, tender butterfish. To add to the deliciousness, the set is served with tossed salad, miso soup, tsukemono, rice, sashimi, and shrimp and vegetable tempura.


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