Sekiya’s Restaurant & Delicatessen

Step Up to the Plate

February 11, 2019

Story By: Elima Pangorang | Photos by: Lawrence Tabudlo

House Special: Tuna Salad ($10.45)

It’s tuna time
Cooked, shredded tuna is mixed with Sekiya’s Restaurant & Delicatessen’s signature house blend that results in a creamy bite.

Dressed up
This French dressing, manager and chef Trey Paresa explains, is made in-house with ketchup, oil, vinegar, garlic, pepper and salt.

Dig in soon!
As a limited-time menu item, Tuna Salad is available now through Easter, or until supplies last.

Healthy living
Carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, romaine lettuce and local Manoa lettuce are all tossed together for a simple, yet refreshing meal.

Just as we all thought they were over, the holidays continue to roll along — make way for Valentine’s Day, Easter (meaning lent season is soon beginning) and St. Patrick’s Day.

Here to start things off is Valentine’s Day in just four days. Whether paired up or not, Cupid’s arrow is locked and loaded to spread the love — for food, that is.

Enter Sekiya’s Restaurant & Delicatessen, an eatery that knows how to commit, having been loyally serving the community for nearly a century.

The kind folks of the eatery know the “language of love” starts with delicious eats to fill conversations and tummies.

Take a visit to Sekiya’s on Feb. 14 and experience delicious perfection in the Steak and Shrimp Combo meal. The dish presents a hefty spread of tender slivers of juicy steak, bold and extra crispy shrimp tempura, rice and miso soup.

Then, whether taking a religious stance in the coming season or a personal choice to eat less meat, Sekiya’s has a wide selection of vegetarian and pescatarian options. In addition to Tuna Salad, patrons can bite into musubi, cone sushi or a mahi mahi sandwich served with fries.

Whether it’s a holiday or just an ordinary day, Sekiya’s is loaded with an array of tastes for everyone. Plus, it’s hard to forget about its okazuya showcase that allows guests to build their own bento.

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