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November 11, 2018

Story By: Kyle Galdeira | Photos by: Lawrence Tabudlo

Trevor Luke, culinary development and implementation manager, happily presents Zippy’s Restaurant’s Thanksgiving Meals To Go Package items.

The Thanksgiving holiday provides a respite from the daily grind and brings family and friends together to enjoy holiday staples like moist turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy.

However, while classic dishes and indelible memories delivered at Thanksgiving provide a wealth of positive experiences, the holiday also tends to conjure up moments of anxiety as hosts plan for the stress and mess usually involved with preparing and coordinating such a grand spread.

Zippy’s is poised to assist with planning the perfect Thanksgiving feast by providing convenient Meals to Go Packages, including Whole Turkey Package for $117.95 if ordered at the restaurant or by phone, and just $102.95 if ordered online. The convenient packages are easy to reheat and serve, and by pre-ordering packages online before the Nov. 16, 5 p.m. deadline via zippys.com, customers will save up to $15 off the regular price.

Roast Turkey & Baked Ham Combo ($13.75)

“Our Thanksgiving Meals to Go turkey packages are a sure hit for you and your family,” says Jeanine Mamiya-Kalahiki, marketing manager at Zippy’s Restaurants. “It saves so much time in the kitchen — all you need to do is reheat the turkey and sides — everything is so delicious.”

The Whole Turkey Package includes a 10to 12-pound (cooked weight) refrigerated whole roast turkey that is fully cooked, 4 pounds of poultry gravy, 4 pounds of real mashed potatoes, 3 pounds of stuffing, 1 pound of cranberry/pineapple relish and a dozen King’s Hawaiian Sweet Dinner Rolls.

Pumpkin Pie ($10 as package add on); Custard Pie ($10 as package add on)

A Half Turkey Package ($64.95 at the restaurant or by phone, $54.95 online) is also available and includes a 5to 6-pound (cooked weight) half turkey that is fully cooked and easy to reheat, 2 pounds of poultry gravy, 2 pounds of real mashed potatoes, 1 1/2 pounds of stuffing, a half-pound of cranberry/pineapple relish and six King’s Hawaiian Sweet Dinner Rolls. Additionally, guests can pick up a Whole Turkey Only option ($74.95 at the restaurant, or $65.95 online), a 10to 12-pound (cooked weight) fully cooked whole roast turkey.

Baked Ham with Rum Raisin Sauce ($11.45)

To help with the preparation process, simple reheating instructions are provided, and instead of spending all day toiling in the kitchen, one can prepare the entire meal in an hour or two depending on the package. Sweetening the deal, each Meals to Go Package may be supplemented with a pumpkin or custard pie for an additional $10 (up to two pies per package). Additionally, guests may add on maki sushi rolls ($5.75 each, limit five rolls per package), mashed potatoes (2 pounds can be added to a package for $9.50) and poultry gravy (2 pounds can be added to a package for an additional $4.50).

Maki Sushi Roll ($5.75 as package add on). Photo courtesy Zippy’s Restaurants

As a reminder, prices are slightly higher at Zippy’s Kahului and Hilo, and the packages are not valid with any discount cards, coupons or other promotional offers. Prepayment is required to place an order, which guests can do at zippys.com. Guests may preorder packages with a credit card by calling 973-0880, Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., while supplies last. The packages may be picked up on Wednesday, Nov. 21 and Thursday, Nov. 22 at the locations listed in the contact information.

Grilled Salmon with Crab & Artichoke Sauce ($17.50)

Delightful Thanksgiving Dishes

In addition to offering the convenient meal packages, Zippy’s Restaurants also will serve up special seasonal dishes Nov. 21 and 22 in the dine-in restaurants to coincide with Thanksgiving. Options include Roast Turkey ($13.35), Baked Ham with Rum Raisin Sauce ($11.45), Roast Turkey & Baked Ham Combo ($13.75) and Grilled Salmon with Crab & Artichoke Sauce ($17.50). The special items are available from 10:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. on the specified dates, while supplies last (prices may vary by location).

Roast Turkey ($13.35)

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