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July 15, 2018

Story By: Yu Shing Ting | Photos by: ANTHONY CONSILLIO

Halo Halo ($6.25)

Cool off this summer with fresh and fun desserts at Max’s of Manila in Honolulu and Waipahu. Serving traditional cuisine of the Philippines, the restaurant can sweeten your day with its popular Halo Halo, Banana Lumpia with Tropical Ice Cream and Buko Pandan.

For the rest of the summer, enjoy a special supersized Giant Halo Halo ($25) that is great for sharing between four to five people.

“Halo Halo is our most popular selling dessert,” notes Maly San Luis, general manager. “This is THE Filipino dessert. It may even be referred to as the national dessert of the Philippines.”

Buko Pandan ($4.95)

The Giant Halo Halo features mixed fruit preserves, coconut strips, attap fruit, coconut gel, jackfruit, red beans, white beans, cooked banana, gelatin and tapioca balls, which is then topped with leche flan, ube jam, ube ice cream, rice flakes, a sprinkle of cheese and wafer sticks — served on a bed of fine shaved ice with milk. An individual size also is available year-round for $6.25.

Also a favorite is Banana Lumpia with Tropical Ice Cream ($5.75) consisting of cooked banana wrapped in a pastry shell, and served with ube and macapuno (coconut) ice cream.

Giant Halo Halo ($25)

“Lumpia is a traditional dish of the Philippines and they come with different fillings — it can be savory for appetizers or sweet for desserts,” adds San Luis. “(The banana lumpia) is crispy outside with oozing banana inside. It’s good for dessert and snack. It’s great party food as well, and we also offer them by the pan.”

Buko Pandan ($4.95) is a dessert that, according to San Luis, combines the two favorite flavors of the Filipinos, coconut and pandan, and is popular throughout the Philippines.

It’s made with young coconut strips mixed with pandan leaf flavored gelatin and tapioca in a light fluffy cream sauce, and served with macapuno ice cream and rice flakes.

Banana Lumpia with Tropical Ice Cream ($5.75)

“It’s creamy and light with a mild coconut flavor and a hint of pandan,” says San Luis. “This has been our most popular dessert along with the Halo Halo, and we offer these in smaller sizes for parties.”

Founded in 1945 by Maximo Gimenez in the Philippines, the restaurant has since grown to about 200 outlets worldwide. The first Hawaii location opened in Waipahu in 2006, followed by Honolulu in 2010.

Both spots offer private rooms that are great for parties, as well as a catering menu. For convenience, online ordering also is available, as well as delivery services.

On the menu, you’ll find all your Filipino favorites such as lumpia, pancit, lechon kawali, adobo, pinakbet and more, as well as the original

Max’s Fried Chicken, which was the company’s first dish that started it all.

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