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May 27, 2018

Story By: Kyle Galdeira | Photos by: ANTHONY CONSILLIO

Spicy Cold Soba ($11.50)

As its name suggests, Yajima-ya Japanese and Local Cuisine offers an alluring array of entrees and menu sets that draw influences from Asia and Hawaii.

After initially building its customer base as a popular food truck a handful of years ago, Yajima-ya opened its latest brick-and-mortar restaurant on bustling South King Street, and diners continue to flock to the clean, inviting eatery for lunch and dinner favorites served daily.

Bara Chirashi ($22) is a bountiful donburi set accompanied by miso soup and two kobachi (side dishes). The bowl features hamachi, ahi, salmon and egg cut into bite-sized pieces, along with ikura (red caviar) atop a bed of sushi rice.

Shoyu Chicken with Ahi Poke ($15.50)

Noodle enthusiasts can look forward to Hot Udon or Soba and Fresh Spicy Ahi Bowl Set ($18.50), a special coupling of a bowl of thick noodles served with an elaborate poke bowl.

Diners may also add Inari Sushi ($3.50), California Roll Inari ($4.25) and Spicy Ahi Inari ($5.25) to supplement the meal.

Spicy Cold Udon or Soba ($11.50) is served with vegetable tempura, and general manager Tomo Ito explains that Yajima-ya is the only restaurant that serves the “hybrid noodles” with flavor infusions of sesame and chili oil for an added kick. The dish includes beef, vegetables and kimchee, and according to Ito, “It makes for a very refreshing option, especially as days get hotter with summer approaching.”

Hot Udon and Fresh Spicy Ahi Bowl Set ($18.50)

Diners rave about Shoyu Chicken with Ahi Poke ($15.50), an ideal combo of tender, perfectly seasoned chicken and freshly prepared ahi that is nearly as beautiful as it is delicious. These sets are served with rice, miso soup, two kobachi and pickles.

“A lot of our customers really like how we cook the chicken with our special recipe,” says Ito, when describing the chicken-and-ahi combo. “This is definitely a ‘local’ combo as many of our customers ask for and enjoy poke!”

Bara Chirashi ($22)

The aforementioned dishes are available during both lunch and dinner service, and as a reminder, prices may fluctuate during dinner hours. While the restaurant does not serve alcohol, diners may BYOB.

Each entree and set meal includes access to the popular self-serve soup station, which includes piping-hot miso soup and soup of the day. Refills are included, and as Ito explains, “Customers really like our soups of the day, including egg drop soup with chicken broth and corn.”

Diners are encouraged to keep an eye out for upcoming Father’s Day specials in anticipation of the special occasion, which families can celebrate on Sunday, June 17 at Yajima-ya Japanese Cuisine.

Honolulu, HI 96814

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