Feast on fried rice specials this Labor Day

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September 3, 2017

Story By: Maria Kanai | Photos by: LAWRENCE TABUDLO

Salted Fish Fried Rice ($11.50)

Burgers on the grill may initially come to mind when feasting this Labor Day, but it can be said that family outings are made all the better with fried rice.

Two new dishes launched Sept. 1 at Filipino eatery Max’s of Manila, including Adobo Fried Rice ($11.50) and Salted Fish Fried Rice ($11.50). Additionally, on Labor Day (Sept. 4), these dishes will be discounted ($5 off) at both Dillingham and Waipahu branches, for one day only.

Adobo Fried Rice ($11.50)

Fried rice may seem like a simple dish to make, but there’s a trick to making fried rice crispy — and chef Patricio Joven has the technique down. On a blazing-hot wok, his Adobo Fried Rice is seasoned with house-made adobo sauce, adobo pork flakes, black pepper and garlic bits, and is garnished with salted egg and green onions. Salted Fish Fried Rice, on the other hand, is generously seasoned with garlic, ginger and salted fish, and is finished off with diced tomato and salted egg.

“These two fried rice dishes were concocted to complement our entree dishes,” says general manager Maly San Luis.

Crispy Pata ($18.95 large)

A popular entree dish is Crispy Pata, or pork knuckle, ($14.75 medium, $18.95 large). Premium ham hock is simmered in a special marinade until tender, then deep-fried to a perfect crisp and paired with an additive soy-vinegar dipping sauce.

“The Crispy Pata is one of our most popular dishes,” says San Luis. “Our chef spends hours daily crafting this dish to perfection. The dish is fl avorful, with tender meat on the inside, with a crunchy crispy skin on the outside. We serve the whole leg; it’s a great dish to feast on.”

Pair the pata, or favorites like Max’s Fried Chicken, with the new fried rice, and you’ve got a meal to savor.

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