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July 24, 2016

Story By: Lynsey Beth Futa |

Jook with Pidan and Shredded Pork ($7.95)

Jook with Pidan and Shredded Pork ($7.95)

What has always been a modest meal in China has become somewhat of a delicacy around the world, as jook — or congee — tends to conjure up nostalgic and comforting feelings for many who eat it. The Chinese rice porridge, often referred to as “poor man’s soup” for its simple ingredients, is packed with healthy nutrients — and it tastes delicious, too.

House of Wong Restaurant off Kapahulu Avenue consistently has been getting requests for jook from its Japanese, Chinese and local customers, so, as of today, jook is officially on the menu and available for lunch and dinner (upon request).

“Jook is perfect for lunch because it’s light and not too heavy,” says general manager Michael Wang.

Another simple, new menu item is Manju ($5.95, six pieces), which comes either steamed or deep-fried. These fun-sized bites of pillowy dough are often used as the starch during Chinese meals, and they’re perfect for sop-ping up delicious sauces and gravy that come with House of Wong’s fare.

With space for large parties and banquet menus to choose from, the nearly year-old Kapahulu establishment is poised to offer the best service, food and dining experience to its customers. There are parking stalls in the back of the restaurant, free parking at First Hawaiian Bank (after business hours), validated parking at Hee Hing Plaza and ample street parking along Kapahulu Avenue, which makes getting to this dining destination hassle-free.

House of Wong, home of the famous Roast Honey Glazed Spare Ribs, has new contenders on its menu, each fighting for patrons’ affections. After eating, diners not only walk away satisfied, but also are convinced that simple is often better and tastier.


Patrons can order Jook with fish fillet ($8.95), beef ($7.95) or pidan and shredded pork ($7.95). For those unfamiliar with the term pidan, does “Century Egg” ring a bell? The preserved egg actually is a common addition to jook, especially when paired with pork. The saltiness adds tons of flavor to the rice soup, while a side of roasted peanuts makes for an unusually delicious topping.

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